Nice To Meet Ya.

From what I understand some of you people have an extensive knowledge of the occult. I've studied it a bit since I was 12 and I always look for ways to add to my knowledge. I don't actually have any intention in becoming a hunter, but learning all the ways I could protect myself from a surprise visit wouldn't hurt anyone. So if anyone would be so kind as to maybe tell me about your experiences during your hunts that would be deeply appreciated.
TheLittleWeapon TheLittleWeapon
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You need a samurai sword asap.

I was being sarcastic. Good luck, Demon Fighter.

Wasn't mocking you, sorry you took it that way. Was merely trying to make you smile. Take a breather, kid.

And what weapon would be the most effective?

Got it, thank you.

Two things where can you find something like that 2 is it true that when you "kill" them the just get stuck in Tartarus or hell or whatever for a while?

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