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I just created this account to say that you are acting like idiots. Demons are real, I support hunters, but I see these people that played you and you think nothing of it! Look at what Vessel did! He preached and preached, no one seemed to agree with him, and when it finally came to the point that he was getting bashed he was genius! He acted like a complete idiot that spoke perfectly. You that have been here for the longest time wouldn't see it, but how he spoke makes almost every new person to hunting and this site doubt you. And then your reactions, and one person saying he shouldn't come back because no one likes him, this is just to perfect! What type of newbie would see that and feel welcome? only those that have done this before, and even then they might not! Especially after Exalted! He preached for people to do good, to treat others not poorly but with kindness in their hearts and even supported you guys partially! Lets take a new person who reads his message, they see that he wants everyone to be treated fairly, not to be bashed and what happens? You completely tear him apart! All I can say is that the 2 of them have made you bleed! I wouldn't be suprised if it was one person that had that in mind from the start but wanted to play it safe. A few of my friends as well as my gf were getting into demon stuff like hunting, and when they saw this site they just said no to it, and 2 of them didn't even know the other was looking at the site! All the new people that come here will question you now because you reacted stupidly.

Now for my other part...
Hi! I'm Jasmine, I am here to say hi and the previous. I don't know the most about demons, but I think I can handle myself if i learn more. I do not support Vessel because he mentioned sex slaves as a defensive strategy, but i still find it funny how he played you guys. I wish to learn more about demons and other supernatural/paranormal stuff. I hope you will treat me kindly, even after my above message, its just that i am studying psycology and when i saw that and heard about it from my gf and best friend i just had to look into it, and it looked like it was planned to tear you apart. sorry if i offended anyone in this post somehow, and howre you doing?
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First, I don't believe I said anything about Oro, but I had personal attacks from Vessel. I even did a post when all the s-hit was going on with him about not bashing, as nice as I could be. I didn't bash him and if I did, it was unintentional. That is my opinion on the matter. Second, welcome to the group. I put some stories up, most not giving info I know this. I do it to share MY experiences, not help train someone else. What I do to get the job don is dangerous manipulation of demons/or other creatures and are, for the most part, family secrets to the business.

If quote-unquote bashing people who spread false info and lies keeps a bunch of kids and newbies from trying to be a hunter and getting themselves killed... Then line up, kiddies. It's bashing time for EVERYONE.

I never sleep lmao

All mine are nightmares. But if I wasn't so busy.... Even that would be okay.

All I am saying s that there could of been another way that wouldn't drive off those that actually want to learn the truth.

no offense, but isnt that what Vessel/Oro said? only not as nicely

I see, thanks for the clarification

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Alright then. First of all I suspect they are the same person from the get go. Anyone worth their salt will know their folly from reading the stories. Anyone green would be dissuaded. Im okay with this. Because if its read and we all come across as bashers and they avoid us that means they were too weak to do the job anyway. I would rather work alone than work with a newb thats going to get in the way.

Now judging from your initial statements you definitely possess that hunter arrogance. I handled both situations exactly how I wanted to. Oro is now on the wolf boards peddling the same garbage about orders and blah blah but under a different name. As for vessel. Passive aggression was how I dealt with him. He twisted it and in doing so made himself look even worse. I WANT kids to see it and avoid it. It makes my job easier and keeps them from getting themselves hurt or worse.

Also given that you are new here and have openly stated you are amateur I do not think your in any position to be calling me an idiot. Believe it or not there is reason behind everything I do and I have no obligations to share it unless I see fit. Truth was vessel was spreading some very dangerous misinformation. Oro was spinning a story to establish status without earning respect and degraded all of us as well as ridiculously arrogant.

I may come across as such but I have the age and experience that gives me the right. I know what I am and am not capable of. Because of the YEARS ive been doing this, im capable of more than most. Im not angry nor insulted, simply relating you shouldnt assume things.

Im an amateur when it comes to demons, but based on what i saw there it looked more like a psychology thing in which im not an amateur. And i didn't just mean kids, and also some experienced people might not want to come here because Oro, even though he was acting really arrogant, was trying to make a more peaceful thing happen and was pushed away for it.

No he was pushed away for false information. I did not bash him either. I think if you give enough rope they will hang thselves.

Really? his information was wrong? It was convincing though. what exactly was wrong about it?

There is no order and he was baiting to get people to blurt info so he could build around it. I know because its a tactic ive used before when I want to pump someone for info.

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