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What are true demons? What do they look like/what are their purpose? I personally haven't seen any demons, but my gf said she did when she was younger. I want to learn about them, but since its hard to find accurate information and I see that SheAngel says Az, huntleader, jwarr, huntress, monkey, and herself know what they are talking about, I figured i should ask here instead of doing my own research. Thank you everyone that helps!
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I say go ahead with research. Never take what ANYONE says at 100%, instead, always back up your thoughts with research. When I began this life, that was what was hammered in my head. Study study study...
But, demons are twisted evil spiritual beings at their core. Mutations from evil deeds and terrible hellish moments. That's the simplest way to put it. They all come from different origins, so there is literally no way to pinpoint them all except to say this: Demons are born from the purest evils.
In their true form... Their true faces... All demons look different. Twisted mangled beings... So again, not so easy to pinpoint what exactly you are looking for there. Mostly, they look like people, because possession is what demons strive for. The ability to act as physical living flesh in our world.

Great, quetions, all share bible proof, that give answer whick is the source, purpose, and why. also important do ur own research see proof . Self most important to understand is like buried treasure, u have to do work to get to the source. This is same with knowledge need to dig deep gave personal understand. You look will fond know it will be open. Seek help from others so u want to learn thats inborn tendercy. Its also nice to prove to urself that whatu hear n read it truth.

Demons are the offspring of human and angelic mating. You will find the story in the bible right before God floods the world and Noah and his family escape because their souls are still pure. The offspring of this mating is born into this world and in all ways human except for their "spirit" which is neither a soul or an angel but a mutated being. Not aloud into heaven when the person dies and weaker than most angels they become the lap dogs to Lucifer and his army.

Written in different languages same thing. Just take a look at who is running all Christian churches today, they are mostly all evil self serving demons. So why would they out themselves? Oh but the truth is that most of them don't even know they are demons. The only ways to tell is to be able to bridge the dimensions and look at the "soul" or to look at their lives and judge the intentions and the fruit they produce.

Maybe not in the role playing you do but in the real world it is so.

Okay you religious douche, how about you back off? Common sense tells everyone you are full of it. Nephilim and demons aren't the same thing. Anyone who has read ANY sort of ancients texts knows you're wrong. And any of us who have ever seen real demons, fought them, bound them, exorcised them back to their filthy shithole Pit, can tell that you are wrong. So leave Az alone.

Really? Do you think that threatening me will make shut up? You are probably a demon. Now faced with being outed you will threaten me.... I am sent all over this country releasing Christians from angelic possessions. If I do not fear them why would I fear you? My Lord Jesus sends these people to me so He may use me and my ability to free slaves. You have all this pull around here then great. What are you going to do? Get me banned from this group or site? Oh wow I guess I will go get in the corner suck my thumb and shake in fear....

I didn't start this. I was only presenting the truth to someone who asked a question.... Ancient texts? That you found on the internet I assume? I have been around the world studying originals. Talking and debating with others who dedicate their lives to these texts. And for the record I am not blinded like those who call themselves "Christian". I am not limited to the books contained in the "bible" there are many other "gospels" to consider. Many other pagan texts that speak of using "magic" to control the supernatural. Have you or anyone else here walked the ancient sites? Been to the Temple Mount? Been to Mecca? Or Greece? Or Turkey? I don't say these things to put anyone down but only so you will understand the extent of study that I have. Hell I've even visited the Vatican even though the pope and his minions are wolfs. But their library's and scholars are top notch. This subject IS my life. I'm sorry my information threatens people here but I will not stop speaking truths to make others happy.

Actually, I never threatened you. And if you mean Az, pretty sure what he said was NOT a threat. He's usually not the type. He simply seemed to be scoffing at your childish assumption that him calling you on your incorrect assumption meant he was a roleplayer. Which, I will say, he is not.
Your claim that demons are the offspring of angel and human mating, that my friend, IS wrong. Now, I will not deny that some lore does tell us that when the biblical apocalyptic flood happened, the souls of the nephilim who perished did become demonic spirits. This isn't so far a reach to say it is impossible. Many of the nephilim in ancient lore did turn into terrible dark creatures, and this at death their souls could have EASILY been twisted and morphed into the evil beings we now know as demons in Hell or whatever you want to call it. But I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say MAYBE there were... A hundred nephilim? Couple hundred? There are THOUSANDS of demons, if not millions. How do you account for all the other countless bastards in that pit that were NOT nephilim? Just think about that.
You claim to be this amazing badass hunter, one so amazing he has traveled the country battling angels who are possessing people. Now... If there ARE angels, which myself and SEVERAL hunters find ourselves doubting, then yes. When they possess someone, there would have to be ways to banish them. I have read of several rites and spells which are said to be useful against angels. Hell, Enochian is common hunter knowledge.
And no, I did not read these texts off the internet. How funny of you to think that would hurt my feelings. It didn't. I have read several texts, in several languages, from almost every religion past and present. This has been my life for a LONG time. How else would I learn to hunt the spirits and creatures that plague mankind if not by learning of them and their origins?
And the bible? Don't even bring up that pile of BS. Bunch of editied and rewritten bull. I will say I am proud that you say you have included pagan texts in your studies. It does make me more inclined to believe you are... A hunter. So far, I feel like a majorly misinformed and religious one, but hey, there are LOTS of those out there. Seems a lot of hunters these days are... Paranoid Christian Conspiracy Theorists. So... Not gonna say you are lying... Instead gonna just say be careful out there, man.

I will explain more later in a PM. If you have done the research hats off to you! Knowledge is power and going back to the original is always the best place to start. As for the bible being a rewritten piece of bs I disagree. Solomon captured other world beings and kept them in clay jars to do his bidding. "Magic" is soul energy given a purpose and sent out. There is a place for these talents if used correctly. With the right intent. My study of pagan texts was to get a clearer understanding of the manipulation of this energy. The "bible" is clear on that there is much left out because most people couldn't understand or would use the information in ways it is not intended to be used. There are some holes in some things but the Gospel though it is hidden is still pure. Those who seek shall find.

Sorry, I agree with Azsuranil more than you.

I agree with Azsuranil and the others. Demons and Nephilim are not the same thing. Trust me, I should know. (and if you don't trust me, trust the millions of others who have replied to this post)

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By all means dear do your research too. Im a huge advocate of personal research. Shows initiative

ya, i will do my own research, but i also think that getting background knowledge from experienced people helps first.

Ill give you the very best advice I can for you. Look for common truth. Things that match in all religious and mythological backgrounds.