Our Demonic Activity; My Story

Me and my friends have always been close. A little group or us we stick to. Since november, I have been exposed to the demonic. It all started with my one friend having it then more the rest of us were around it when it happened, it spread. It started out as normal demons lurking, now we deal with ones of greater power. Has anyone heard of the Exorcism of Emily Rose? The 6 demons that revealed themselves in one of the end scenes are what ours claim to be. (Judas, Nero, Cain, Belial, Legion, Lucifer). There are 7 of us yet only 4 of us have the main (myself included). We all have had the physical psychological affects happen to us and we each have our own books in which we draw what we see, catalog what happens, and for these beings to write when out. Effects: we have become very isolate besides each other, these have carved a pentagram into 4 of our walls when out, 2 of which they put our blood on (me and my friends). They cut stuff in our skin, especially me and my friend. "I AM BELIAL" is on hers along with a 6 point star while "NERO" is in mine and 3 marks. These are whats currently there not whats been cut there before and healed. Not sure how far into "Possession" we are but when thwse events occur: our eyes change color and pupil sizes become huge, crosses leave burn marks on us and can leave that spot hurting for some time, our voices are much deeper, I tend to write/carve "lll" (the 3 claw marks) everywhere, we may write in latin (varies), when out they are VERY drawn to the pentagrams in our walls, all we want is meat or raw meat and eat it viciously ripping it, we become unusually stronger being normally we're easy to pin down but in these states it takes 3-4 of us to hold one of us down. Also we become very violent and usually will thrown crosses at those around us trying to help, bite/scratch, kick, and punch. We also tend to see figures in the pictures we take and hear things calling our names in a slur like a snake. Until recently objects have been moved by themself. objects have disappeared but came back. objects started moving at school just Tuesday when in class one of the boards SLAMMED off the teachers desk torwards me and my friend (she has demonic activity as well). And right before that happened the tv in there glitched and shut off, then afterwards it turned back on and continued to glitch (this is the first time its happened in public.) Typically when things are out in me electricity messes up or electronics are broken. In that same class about a month ago one of the six that it acclaims to be came out, and my friend and I always hear voices through the main speaker they use and when he was out he whipped my head over and looked at it. As soon as he did its battery drained and it started to screech. They had to turn it off for it wouldnt stop and it started to smoke, later found out that was broken. Our personalities have changed we are more aggresive and tend to swear to god alot. As I said these claim to be the 6 and when out in me before, my friend asked it why were we chosen as hosts? And he replied we were the closest group of people and that itd be easier to make off with us and they can finish their plans. I know Demons cannot directly kill someone, that they have that person kill themselves but by demonic influence. They are specifically after the influence of ridding of me and my friend being one of these out said " For they are angellic and it is our goal to rid the world of the angels. We already got 12, shes next." They are after my and her guardians then to leave us with nothing so we kill ourselves. They tell of on June 6th, 2013 (6-6-6 how they put it), they're gonna take our whole group to the woods at 3am to finish it, and to let it begin?
Ps our ages: 15, 3 16 year olds, 17, 18, & 21. (im 16)
AliaDomianni AliaDomianni
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2013