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ok guys i am preparing to go on a hunt for a friend at work he has been telling me about the demonic entity that has been terrorizig him from the story he told me i have come to understand he has picked up a hitch hicker from another person that he was trying to turn away from the ocult apparently this friend of his was practising some really bad stuff rying to invoke demons and what not my friend started to get bothered after helping him read and understand bible passeges now i know you dont have to belive in the bible to hunt but this demon seems to not like god very much so i need some info on this demon i have some basic knowledge on it but i would like to know if one of you can tell me its name and origin what this demon likes to do is move and slam obgects arround the house it also likes to play with knifes it will line up knifes in arrow forms faceing were eer my friend is sleeping it will also stab the knifes into other obgects arround the house it will bang on the doors and when he is feeling vounerible it will yell out his name in a swineish voice witch reminds me the friend that he was helpping also fell in love with a picture this is what really intreasted me he fell in love with this picture and its a womens body in a nice dress but she has a squeeling pig head almost looking evil in nature so anyinfo guys would help towrds the hunt knowing the name allways makes it easier to eat them thanks guys
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you obviously dont know who i am

what was the name he herd i may be able to help

oh no sorry i miss spoke it yell my friends name ike his name is jack it will yell JACK as he fals asleep