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Please I Dont Know

I dnt kno if ur all real or not and i dnt believe but i need help right now or asap im not an expert on occult stuff but my neighbor has been up to some weird ceremonies or sumthing cuz i hear things lik late at night or early morning from his house and its not lik he parties because he is lik rly old and since he did all this stuff voices are in the house and cracks keep happening in the tiles and i keep finding origami swans soaked in blood and i just need help
Pleasehel Pleasehel 36-40 2 Responses Feb 15, 2013

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Cmon give them the benefit of the doubt if ther rly is a problem then help someone dnt just get all skeptic on em. Anyway so ur sayin thers some old guy that does weird stuff, probably rituals or some sort of spiritual hotspot that this man may be creating. And thers cracks in the tiles and bloody swans and voices. Can you articulate any words? Is the blood fresh? If so how saturated are the swans? Do the cracks favor a certain direction or resemble anything?

Thank you so much! So the blood is fresh and its fairly saturated enough to spread it if i were to touch something with it. The cracks all usually go towards the kitchen which is east if that means anything and the swans are lined up in pairs of six and ive only been able to hear the voices say some weird language like i guess it would sound like "oondray pastra rick-" and something after rick. Is it a name?

Well in my religion east is the general direction youd face when praying to commune with dark spirits and of course the infamous six with the swans. The voices however are interesting. The words youre describing in my religious language would roughly translate to "who saying i am" or if you heard something in between undre like pi then itd be saying who are you saying i am? How long has this been happening?

A few weeks now. What do i do?

Well how well do you know the old guy next door? And id suggest first finding out what you can about him because it seems like hes a reclusive kinda guy the cracks in the tile well you cant do much about that seein as thats ur floor but burn the swans dont trash em if you do trash em. Keep listening to the voices but DO NOT attempt to communicate if the voices are indeed using my language youre in some deep ****. Not tryin to make you scared just sayin you need help. This is just my opinion and my methods are unconventional so keep asking others for advice. Keep me informed and ill try and get on EP wen i can to check on whats goin on k?

Ok i will. Is there a number i can reach you with? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP

Ya no prob but i dnt feel comfortable givin out my numbr but wutevr ill msg you it just dnt spam me with wutevr k?

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How about telling the truth for a start? Your grammar is too bad and your language habits for you to be the age you claim. Origami swans in blood. Too big of a jump from everything else you said. Also if you don't believe in any of it then why are you here?

Look i just need help please! I dont know what else to do. Ive called the cops before and they couldnt do anything about it. If it helps ill type everything out its just easier to put things out faster that way. And whatever you say about video games i dont care i just NEED HELP