Does anyone know any information about or have experienced a portal of sorts that allows negative entities/spirits/demons to come through? What does one look/feel like? How is it possible to access one or to shut it completely?
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Well you don't feel any different when you go through a portal, normal looking portals are blue, just be careful on which portal you go through because some can make your worst nightmares come to life. I can open and close them, i try to keep them all closed because demons can sense which ones are open and they will try to get to it and come through to our world.

the only portals i've really "experienced" are portals i used while astral trumping through other realms. and the portal in my mentor's guest bedroom that leaks spirits of all sorts and he wont close it for whatever reason o__0

Any idea why the portal was there in your mentor's guest bedroom?

lol no idea. it was either there before or he opened it, or it opened while he was there.

So kalag is an idiot. Dont screw around with portals.

I do read, I read about someone giving some terrible advice that's going to make a newb screw with things they don't understand and make a situation go bad.

Stop saying stupid things

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Oh honey you just have no idea how I tick. I didn't bait you. Your honestly not worthy of my attention.

Lol I'm not a noob I was just wondering what everyone's opinion was on this sort of thing. I'm not planning on opening any portals.

Message me and ill be happy to explain. I'm not 'bowing out' I'm at work. Also immature is cussing someone who has not cussed you.

Actually there is nothing to defend. You have nothing to attack me with and your doing a splendid job making yourself look exactly like what I said. I assure you that I'm not stupid, there is nothing to imply I'm stupid, and it just makes you look like a child throwing a tantrum. If your too much of a coward though I understand. I don't see any point of keeping my invitation open long since I had not realized how truly childish you were.

lol you said you were going to act like sheangel, however you're kind of just being a shallow *****. are you seriously going to flip a ***** on her just because she's pointing out you're full of **** regarding portals? apparently some people are just that threatened over small matters.

Okay fine ill do it here then. Your an idiot and this is why....your telling a stranger online about portals. You know nothing about them. You do not know their motives and simply put it is NOT something you put where CHILDREN who don't know any better can see. This is NOT something that should be discussed publicly. Your irresponsibility is why I called you stupid. In your desire to sound like you know things you did not think about the repercussions of your actions. By cussing at me and pitching a fit you show your immaturity. And shecow? Really? I'm a cagefighter and have done modeling. I'm extremely comfortable in my own skin and know I'm hot. So your assumption that I would have self esteem issues have made you look like an even bigger idiot. Congrats, enjoy your public dunce cap.

Actually I never targeted you and you obvious cannot grasp anything beyond the internet so any further discussion would be lost on you.

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Funny he just keeps saying the same thing after I tell him what I'm doing lol.

I didn't say it was trolling. I said your doing what I want. And you are.

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I did not intend this inquiry to become a flame war lol

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I said you could message but you wouldnt so I made it public. If you bothered to read my profile you'd see I'm not a troll.

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lol all she did was call you an idiot...which is pretty accurate based on what you stated below about portals. however i think she could have left that jab out and could have just written about portals, it's not her fault your facts aren't straight. she "targeted" you because she wanted the person who posted this to not be misinformed by your lack of experience and research. whether or not she's responding to you, you keep responding as well. and to add your insults are petty and rather uncreative and unoriginal. not that this is a contest or anything XD but you're not better than her in any sense of the word. one you had to point it out in order to raise yourself up which tells me you're covering a low self esteem. kind of pathetic..and two you're cussing like a pubescent **** who cant handle their new flush of hormones. but since you're not going to reply to anymore of this it's kind of a relief. id be rather impressed if you could resist replying. however it wont make you the better person, because your previous statements above expose you for the idiot you are.

I'm amused by this since you already made yourself a liar. Then the fact your pulling your sources from the internet. Most of which being neo sites and ufo. Ufo....really?

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