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American Idol Rejects:
A few actually, for fun

Was wrong on the state but, mothers killing their kids over thinking they're possessed:

and an extra example just for fun:

Hotel Haunting Video:
ErikErin ErikErin
1 Response Aug 29, 2014

Interesting articles. ****** up when one realises how credulous people are. This leads me to the last video and the forum writer should take note of the following. You are just as gullible and impressionable as the women in the newspaper articles who believed in demon possession. Let us examine why. The most reliable and trustworthy means to gain verifiable information is the scientific method. Do you not think that any phenomena which appears unexplainable gives a scientific researcher something to roll their sleeves up on and find out? Think about it.

Where are the Nobel Prizes, because I guarantee you something, if evidence is found supporting what this ghost is believe me it has expanded the scientific paradigm, akin to Einstein superseding Newton. And this has not happened.

Please think more rationally.

I will devour your face.

I shouldn't even need to respond to your post as it shows a lack of education in what you are trying to assert. Any reader who understands the scientific method will see this in your post, so I can simply say: "Read Lorwik's post again and note the dangers of having partial knowledge - as exemplified by Lorwik". (For your benefit, however, note falsifiability; consult Popper and Kuhn; note inductive and deductive reasoning and of course peer reviewing. Maybe reading some Carl Sagan would help, perhaps Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark to start you off.)