I am the demon. Sorry I had to say that. :)
MatildaBlack MatildaBlack
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Figuratively or Literally? O_O


lol xD I'm trying to decide whether or not you're joking, but meh, if you're real, please don't come to my house and haunt me. You REALLY don't want to be stuck in my house, das is dirty xD

Haha I'm not DEAD if that's what you mean. I see the dead sure but I'm not one of them.

More like random teleporting demons, then again, I may have developed that view out of intense paranoia XD

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I'm comin for ju with lots of salt, be prepared evil snail!

Haha *roars feebly then coughs*

those tricks won't work on me! looking all.. frail and sad... and squishy :,|

:D hahahaha

To much swag