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Hey guys.  I just turned eighteen awhile ago and I've had insight to the world of demons and such.  Ever since I was young I was considered a "special."  In ways I'm psychic, I tend to be able to predict certain things but I can't control what I predict.  I really just say stuff off the top of my head and it comes true.  I've always been interested in demons and demon hunting, but I don't know where to start with it.  I want someone to train me in the art of hunting demons and in magic. Not the whole candle and alter magic, but the real life magic.  I can feel its energy in the air but I can't harness it.  I have an affinity for a few of the elements and I also can somewhat control my inner soul.  I really wanna expand on these talents and become a powerful demon hunter...


Please, if you are capable, then train me..

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Would you be willing to aid me in my journey of fighting the darkness?

Be mindful about your decision. It is dangerous. Good luck my brother.

I would like to know more. If you would send me a email so we could talkand possably meet I would get to you as soon as possable. My email is larrybagley895at yahoo please lets talk I want to know more about this.Please email me so we can start talking thanke larry

i can do the same thing iv been able to predict pregnancy and gender of child and certain events i also have the ability to feel other peoples feelings. we are sensitives.<br />
as for demon hunting do as i have and read everything you can get. i started with a copy of the key of solomen which is broken into three books. but read take notes. and dont hunt something unless you know your stuff. what works for one demon may not work for others.and the magic it one thing to play with energy but delving to deep can be intoxicating and dangerous you might do something on accident so be careful and do your own reasearch then find a partner to help you dont want to follow blindly. goodluck

Just, please use caution. I really didn't have a choice, I had to become a hunter, but this isn't a path that I would have choose. Unless you've lived it, it sounds great, but it is so easy to get in over your head. Be careful.

I am willing to help teach people how to operate on the Astral Plane if you are serious about it, at least 16, and have an understanding of the conflict close enough to mine or compatible with mine (you are better off working with a teacher with a similar perspective. If you are strictly Christian I would strongly recommend talking to Jophiel)<br />
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Check out the Experience "I Fight for the Astral Resistance Against a Powerful Evil". Read my story about positive and negative entities at war, and join the group if it is close enough to your experience that you feel what I might have to teach or impart could have value.<br />
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EP Link

First start killing demons in the astral plane. Wait until you move up to the physical world. Your psyhic and will have an advantage, I don`t do astral hunting because my mind rejects the plane. You on the other hand would be a friggan prodigy. With magic, start by visualizing things moving, not like cars flipping but maybe a penny being moved slightly. If you have enough psyhic energy you`ll be able to levitate, i know this guy who can make humans choke! Hes a excellent hunter.


by the way do all demons the smell of turmeric i was looking thow the spice drore in the kishin and i fond some i had nrere smelit any thing like i i all most passed out you see i smell beter them a nomle human

i know my spelling sucks

i hop demons will rise and kill off most humans human will cut a tree like its nothing well it is if you ask a demon of my stacer it is the same as killing your on mom

do you no wiy theres so miny bad demons becize of humans you got that! i am a demon demons and gods are the same its there achons humans will laqbel them got it dont just go arourd killing demons we have resunes for hateing humans look at wut humans have don to the earth do you rely think god wood make humans so they can kill evey thing eles and destoly the earth think about it if you belife in god you know that is the troth.

Humans are very fragile creature their still in the age of a child so pls don't get angry.

Saying Stuff off the top of your head and having it come true.. Ive never really thought about it being psychic but more of dumb luck, But the same thing happens with me, its like completely Random statements that come out of no where...

Saying Stuff off the top of your head and having it come true.. Ive never really thought about it being psychic but more of dumb luck, But the same thing happens with me, its like completely Random statements that come out of no where...

I also have a simular story exept I feel that I can draw power from the earth

You need to be a tad more specific on what you want. And true training can take years, with at least 8 hours of training a day (at least 4 hrs after becoming a real pro).<br />
It also depends on where you live. You may not want to start out where there are fewer of us at first, the move slowly up to more "hotbed" locales like Vancouver.

Absolutely true. You need to find a group that will support your path of learning, or a good, credible Teacher.