Demon Hunters

if u guys are real demon hunters you should know this what it the best way to exercise the demon from demonic possesion of a human

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Its not easy demons don't just hop on board the nearest train for a cruise they look for the perfect ride and are usually invited in whether consciously or unconsciously the possessed must contribute they must want to find the light or all hope of a successful exorcism is lost that is the first step the second is disconnection through the light severe the link between the two ie surround it with light goodness holiness even if only for a short time fill the possessed with hope fill yourself with hope for there is no room for doubt for you are not in control it is the light that guides you the light that gives a glimmer of hope in the hopelessly possessed soul

The way I do that is you nee a bible and holy water. You sprinkle the holy water onto the person who is possesed and say a certain verse according to how strong the demon is and pass the demon onto a live animal. Then you kill the animal with a knife with holy water on it. Then the animal and demon dies. Very dangerous so I recomend a pastor doing this. You have danger to you, the possesed and the animal. So be careful with strong demons and do NOT fear!!!

oh an dont forget a circle of salt around you and the possesed one. not the animal!

Bait then kill the bastard

Jesus of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen! There is no need for animal sacrifice (animal sacrifices have been fulfilled by the Perfect Sacrifice of the blood of Jesus) as is mentioned in this thread, that is more deception from the pit. Besides just because the animal dies doesn't mean the demonic spirit dies and this is very dangerous to be doing exorcisms and dealing with the demonic without the faith and power of Jesus Christ. We have power and authority to order them back to the pit or to the very throne of God where Jesus sits for Him to banish them. The only reason Christ cast the demonic force, "We are Legion" into the herd of pigs was because they were an "unclean" animal and the legion of demons that were in the possessed man in the tombs (Mark 5:9) was because He gives us the power and authority to banish them completely from this dimension.

The medication your psychiatrist prescribed to you.


Extremely complicated! Nothing simple about it. There are so many different forms of possession. Some mild, some extremely dangerous. You are putting your life on the line each time. With absolutely NO guarantees of success. In fact you yourself risk possession !

it depends on the demon. but usualy demons respond better to latin exorcism prayers. i am batteling religon at this point in my life but with demons in the world its hard to deny the existance of demons. i know holy water, annointing oil, a preist , a bible or whatever religion you practice might help, candels and salt. all of these should work. and you should never allow the victim to harm themselves or anyone else so extra people in the room is a good idea. and never harm the victim.

Wow! <br />
Hey how do you exersize a demon?<br />
<br />
Push-ups and running laps. 1,2,3, and 1,2,3,,,,<br />
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Sorry I couldn't help it.

I would say use a devils trap and get them stuck in it and then excorcise them by using the excorcism:<br />

the problem with devils traps is they come from a book that is lost...unless you have the original book you cant be sure your drawing a devils trap or seal.

Years of experience, holycleansing.<br />
"Until you know how the energies at work around you function together, you can't expand beyond that imposed limit. Like how it's just as hard for you to lift a pebble as it is for an ant - all you really have over that ant is size. Same goes for plants, or dogs, or those eagles up there, or even another pebble. If you're gonna go beyond that, like lift a car, you've got to know how to get the energy flowing through that car to work with you. I can jump two storeys up because I have the energy that went from these cars into the street help push me up. It's all relative.<br />
Daemons have that little edge though: If they're possessing something, either a living thing or as an apparition, they're adding thir energy to whatever they've got their hands on, so they could jump 5 storeys easily. On top of that, the gravity of the Lower Realm is more than double what it is here, so lifting that pebble takes quite a bit more work, right? They evolved just like us, only they have more... 'variety', y'know?Why else would they always be faster and stronger than us? Anyways, in order for you to get to the point of being an asset instead of a liability: first, you're gonna have to get up there (the roof of an old motel), carrying this bag (about 85 kgs of weights)."<br />
- L'laina

nah id have to disagree with forenz<br />
as depressing as it is, i dont think that mear humans have a chance, the only way is through the power of the almighty.<br />
<br />
tho id like to know where Forrenze got his information from?

LMAO!<br />
It's "exorcise", not "exercise".<br />
"Holy Spirit" is junk, because it denotes that you are using the strength of beings from the Higher Realm to give you power, when in fact that power is all you. You've gotta exercise your ki to increase your overall mana, unless you're born with a large amount already, in order to even stand a chance. And THEN there's the physical training involved...

you cannot proform an exorcisim without the belief some higher power. your belief in yourself is stroung but in this biz. its never all you and after an exorcisim the exorcist loses a piece of themselves whatever you do might be a quick fix but in the long run ineffective but this is just an opinion i need evidence of your work befor being judged

By the Holy Spirit. If you don't want to get beat up and the place trashed, end up possessed yourself or under spiritual attack and want to be quick and effective I suggest building your anointing strong in the name of Jesus Christ, then you can actually sling heavy waves over a distance knocking the possessed host down.