8D Well Not So Much a Hunter.....

Long story Short, Me and A friend took out a problem that popped up in amsterdam. Worked out fine.

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you should get trained, my young friend, there's no where to run from them and now there's a hit on you heads.

What you have to be absolutely sure about Is this real or a trick from the devil!<br />
<br />
Always remember, he can come in sheeps clothing and totally catch you and your loved ones totally off guard and that, my friend, can and more than likely would be extremely dangerous!

Cool, your fortunate!

Oh yeah, you guis shoulda bin their, **** was hot!

lol... Um did you kill somebody? What scares me is that there are probably delusional people who truly believe that someone is a demon and must be killed. Like in that movie frailty.

I know this is a late reply but the movie fraility the family really did kill demons for god that was the whole point

wat was da problem

It actually involved a dog and a fine young lady. <br />
It's odd, It's not the success that convinced me, It was the mistakes.

Aw, that's no fun. You gotta share more than that...<br />
If it was in Amsterdam, I'm gonna guess it was about somebody stealing a bicycle.