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MEH, and double meh,

You people sound as if demon hunting is relatively unknown, or unheard of.  All of us do it every day, that little tingle you get on the back of your neck, when you are alone and you just know someone is watching....They are its a demon,.... when you banish the thought from our mind, guess what you defeated it.

This is a small example of what I mean, we are all demon hunters, some of us just become more envolved, more in touch with what is really going on.

Basically, I suppose i would call myself a sensor, I know when they are around.  This doesnt mean I am afraid of a fight either.  If any of you ANY of you are serious about what you say here, and not just talking out your arse contact me.

Arazekiel Arazekiel
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What happens if it takes solid form, your screwed, but I like a good fight

Or you may simply be paranoid and seeing demons even where they are not. That may be another explanation.

Oh trust me please, I'm not just talking out my "arse"!<br />
<br />
There is spiritual warfare constantly going on!!!!<br />
<br />
A feeling of someone behind you or watching you or near you in some form or fashion are "games" they play. Fear is the goal, once they've accomplished that, be VERY careful!<br />
<br />
I'm not playing with you, this stuff is VERY real and extremely dangerous.<br />
<br />
Be careful and " protect" yourself. Read up on it. How to protect yourself before you go any further!

im sorry i come up from darkness myself and i have reformed and heading to the light. i know demons and i know that ALL THEY WILL DO IS FIGHT. demons don't know the meaning of the word "peace" and they never will. whether the demon is rejected from satan or still loyal to him it doesn't matter. therefore i go after all demons that are not bound to a body. if they don't belong in a body in the first place they will be hunted down and sent to hell's chambers for eternity, simple as that.

number 1: its not ok for demons to posses a body.
number 2: demons dont just get rejected from the devil.the devil needs his soilders and if the soilders wont fight they become just another trapped damn soul being tourtured downstairs.

i am a demon so if you need to kill us them kill gods to we are one i the same just some have takin defon paths in life if you can not have that in your head bad demons will feed off you so make frends ok demon frends we good demons care for evey thing and look at it eqle say if you kill a spider to me its the same as killing your mom. if you are not going to think all things for life then you are any old human

ok demon...whats ur name? what demon are you? because you dont sound like any demon i have seen.

Not sure if this is relevant, but what are you're thoughts on pentagrams and the idea that they will trap demons which are conjured?

realy the only book that supports this is the book of solomen. not pentagrams. sigils and seals conjure but there is no sure fire way of containing them.

I think you may be getting Daemons and "demons" mixed up there...

what is a daemon?