My Conflict With The Dead

I dont claim to be a demon hunter, but i know that i have a purpose on behalf of god that i have been searching for.
whether it is to fight as a guardian on his behalf or not i havent discovered yet.

but ive always said to my mates that if i didnt amount to anything in life id become a priest and hunt down evil, and thats before i even knew demon hunters existed.

But the event that really made me realise that there is a real threat is when me and some friends went to go check out a ghost sight at lemon tree passage, NSW, Australia where a bikey had been hit and killed by young drivers and his ghost follows any young drivers that speed along this road at night which is a long straight road in the middle of bush and he dispeares at the turn of where he died. And as we got close to the area, a sickening feeling that everyone admitted to feel came over us. His ghost came and we did it a couple of times cause we were heaps fasinated, and everytime tears would stream out of my eyes though i didnt feel like i was crying and then on our way home, well away from his road. a faceless bikey on the wrong side of the road was riding right at us, his bike didnt make a sound and he disapeared when he hit the car and then a headlight appeared in the distance behind us and within 5 second he was 5metres behind us getting closer and closer. everyone in the car started screaming and crying and i started praying for us and the bikey and something weird happened. without me even meaning to, my hand lifted and made the sign of the cross and the ghost vanished.

after that i realised a few things.
   -Evil exists
   -It is wrong to tamper with it for fun
   -Gods power can be called upon to banish it

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4 Responses Nov 2, 2009

ghosts don't necessarily have any thing to do with god they could be just left over bits of life force that just react to the scrabble of film gran or the flash,light capture,film burn action of a camera did you know that your heart beats because of a small electrical charge maybe that in it self is our life force<br />
its some thing to think about huh?

haha! gods not real my friends its in your heads but believe what you will...oh by the by mates, they found a planet that is just as well suited for sustaining life and has actual it me or isnt there something saying we were the only ones he created? lol is all i have to say to that and you guys need to stop watching supernatural and that ghosthunter show. you all just want to be different but the fact is, the only way to be different is think for yourselves and dont let the "fear of god" control you...if you show me a ghost in front of my eyes, then ill be so inclined as to believe in all of that but never has there been anything to ever actually happen like that. but you can read about scientific experiments and phenomena that take place such as feral children who have never been in contact with anyone but can seem to know places and how to speak without having ever been there. we create super computers that can learn and adapt. you ever notice how all of the most intelligent sophisticated people in the world are always atheists like bill gates, stephen hawking and albert einstein. just learn to think for yourselves and you will be better and do amazing things. sure its not as cool as hunting some super powerful being in the name of your almighty but its all we got you decide how it ends i guess.

Poor Human God gave the whole universe for us to explore beside were hybrids 25% Humanoid ape and the 75% from them aren't you curious how we suddenly turn to monkey face then Human face in just thousands of years. One more thing if there is no God who or what created this universe and don't tell me the big bang theory okay peace

Well then I invite you to tell me in all of your infinite wisdom who created your fake god then? Is it possible that everything just took time and came into being through billions of years ( not thousands by the way) of evolution it's not that crazy it just took a long time you poor human I'm ok with dying and having nothing happen are you? Have fun worrying about your "soul"

Wasn't it a young man on a motorbike with a male friend? They were hit by a person in a 4WD. The motorbike driver passed away but his friend survived. Ghosts are not automatically evil. FEAR made you see what you saw.

Ha, so true. I know it's so tempting to tamper with and hunt for evil, but there is only one way to truly do that and still have God's blessing. That's to 'stand in the gap' as it were. But instead of you hunting the evil stuff, it basically hunts you.