A Real Tragedy...

Since childhood I've known I was different. People say I'm just psycho but I'm not. I'm a wolf demon. People have Avoided me ever since I was a little girl, afraid that I might hurt them. I have urges to hurt...I laugh at anothers pain and sorrow. It seems my life should be in a horror movie, and I should be the monster... I want every human to know how much I really hate them for destroying everything I once held dear to me. Now believe me or not that's your problem. But if anyone is like me please comment. This life I live seems too Odd to think Im the only demon alive...
Nohumanity Nohumanity
3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

i too know how it feels to loose everyone...you cherish...being both light and dark...as your dark blood slowly consumes u...i don't know if i should let it consume me...or if i should keep on fighting it enduring the pain

It's going to get much better, very quickly!<br />
Christ Black

im an fox demon and i fill the same but it helps for me to out smart peopleit makes me happy.