Love And Light Blinds

Anyone can be pure of heart and be fooled...the thing is with being gullible - is that you are so sweet and innocent like a child, believing anything without USING YOUR is no use for the HEART to be open and all that loveliness you light beings teach and yet the mind is not activated, enlightenment is not complete without the mind being opened to reality as it is...enlightenment is completed with the liberation of the mind, your heart could be liberated while your mind could still be in the dark...there must be a balance...for the mind is the masculine and the Heart the feminine, me thinks that the self-proclaimed "light beings" of today are too lost in the notion of feminine energies that they lost their ability to think retaining only the ability to is like perceiving cannot understand the feeling just by feeling it, to understand what you perceive and see it clearly one must use the mind, and if the mind is darkened by a heart that perceives out of proportion to the mind then there is no clarity of thought....too much femininity calls for extremely unbalanced souls.

The thing is with the new age business, everyone's minds are so cluttered with meaningless knowledge...knowledge is information, but not all knowledge is based on empty mind is a clear mind, your mind should be empty to let in the REAL LIGHT, new agers are so apt in gathering knowledge from external forces, that they can't see it within, or that they can't find it within with just simply being still and meditating...too much noise is too much clutter...external forces are distracting forces and hence destructive by nature...your mind must be empty for the light to get in.

As for the "light and dark"...well I feel that those who are in denial of their dark side proclaiming "love and light" for all are complete morons, because no true master is in denial of his/her true self, or the one half of his personality...that just completely goes against the "I AM" presence.

Also those who deny the "light" in them are afraid of the light inside themselves, they can't recognize it because they are in denial thereof, such as people claiming to be vampires, fallen angels, demons incarnate yada yada yada - I just want to let you know that my profile as "vampire incarnate" is set up for humorous reasons alone...I don't know, but you can clearly see some heavy discrimination between various "otherkin groups", if you say you are a "dark one" then all the "light ones" turn against what it is okay to be an "angel incarnate, or an alien such as a "walk-in" starseed working for the "good of humanity" shining "love and light", but it is not at all okay to them to claim being any other fantastical creature pertaining more to the dark side such as a werewolf incarnate etc....the "light" group seems to demand all the Divinity for themselves, and that it belongs to no one else and that is why they can't see it in "normal people" who doesn't make such ludicrous claims.

It is really hillarious, an observation between light and darkness that made me contemplate all this "new age b#1lshit" in a new the old ages, especially medieval, everyone was fascinated with the darker side of life, and now everyone seems to move more toward a fake angelic stance...the darkness was accepted and seen in the old ages, now we have to do with dunces who are terrified of their true essence in denial of the darkness and that is precisely what the NAM wants, the plan of the NWO - if no one can see the darkness for what it is any more, then no one will recognize what is really going on - fools are they who would rather sell their souls for lies of light than listen to the Truth of darkness.

I figured you know, we must play their game to fit in - call ourselves fantastical creatures as well, but you know that didn't help, now they do not hate the person but are in prejudice of the darkness - angels blocking and harassing vampires, just to prove that their "love and light" is a total sham altogether...if an "angel" can't "love a vampire" then they are sure as hell no creatures radiating unconditional love and light...they love and give light with egotistical prejudice, which has nothing to do with the "unconditional nature of pure Love" they claim to know, possess and practice.

They are a joke, yet think themselves Divine...God would probably want to tap them on the shoulder telling them "you are all morons, wake up" but you know their minds are so clogged up with lies and distractions of real darkness (forces of material darkness) that they are simply not able to be clear vessels of the Kundalini Spirit, and therefore unable to see clearly...they are indeed trying to be something they are not, now we all know what happens to people like that - murdered and trapped by their own deceitful devices...

You know they make us who tell them the Truth as it is their enemies, but they are really just their own worst enemies, because the grip of the forces of darkness are just so tight around their souls that they are completely closed to any motion of Truth that may come their way.

New Ager "Love All" blinds people.


Have you ever heard that "love blinds" so too will it be when you love your enemy... Yeah love everyone and you will fail to see their true nature or the "god" or "lie" they worship. People walk blindly with this ignorant attitude, they don't know what really goes on in the world if they just are made "to love all"... If we love all, how can you see to a person's true nature, as if to correct them.


I wrote this comment to the biggest hypocrite, (well aren't they all)

" for hiding your mistakes behind a "love and light" masquerade like talking trash about other EP members during private message sessions etc... Or telling people they do not belong here in your "ego space" where you can tell lies all you want without someone opposing your BS... Really people like you who pretend to be like God yet turns out to be opposite only make me believe in the Devil all the more!!!! I do not have time for people like you... You say you are here as "an angel" to LOVE all, yet on numerous occasions you talk trash behind people's That is why I have an innate disliking in you... I think you need a reality check... You pretend to be all flowers, fairy dust and stars, but in reality you are quite the opposite... And you are not the only "love and lighter" that pulls the same stunts... Love and Light to "all" seriously?!! Who are you kidding? In the end of the day, people like you only end up making utter fools out of themselves when facts sound louder than mere make believe role playing!!!! Hahaha"

And then I received this from the hypocrite:

""oh...well, someone just reminded me of this... so luna this is a reminder to myself of you..

"The inner beauty of a crystal belies an organized lattice work of no equal merit or form. What seems rough on the outside is quite intelligent, purposeful and symmetric on the inside. Crystals are a blessing!" Thank you for your blessings.. for I see through your words to the meaning behind them. Whether for me or others reading. You're refracting your light into your rainbow... remember we both serve as panes for which the divine light shines through. Thank you for yours..."

I replied:

Really?! Doing lip service to the "love and light" stereotype again I see hahaha... You confess with your mouth, you say you are Light and Love to all... But really you are NOT... It is all pretense. Thanks for trying to kill me with kindness (once more) to test my faith, yet I am still standing I do not fall for fake love or ego stroking pets of hypocrites!!!!! No thanks, for it will only lead to disappointment since YOU will never be able to be (nor ever could be) all love and light... Hoax hoax the hocus pocus bogus of "angels"!!! Hahaha


You know what people I have people telling me "no do not expose them as in do not help others identify the deceit"

But in the end of the day it is the True soldiers of God that expose the filth so that the eyes of the masses may be opened!!!!

They say there is no spiritual lesson in spotting a hypocrite, only common sense, but I beg to differ, since you need to be able to see Satan for what He really is, lest you confuse Truth and lies with each other, or mix God and Satan up.

I am sick of this sh!xt in the new age "love and light" groups - no one is true in these groups, and I will not fall for the fake shine of these people, if you want to be so stupid then knock yourself right out.

Because frantically I cannot Love but only Hate people like this - people who pretend to be something they are not, only to lead others into ignorance being dangerous to other individuals because of their blatant lies told left and right!!!!


I received a great comment from someone with regards to this ongoing deceit:

What bugs me is when most people in these groups who claim to love God and try to tell me to follow God, do not even believe in a good or evil, try to tell me that even if I do run into negativity..that I should ignore it...doesn't make sense, they do not believe in right and wrong, good and bad...yet they want to surround themselves with only good, which I see most of the time makes them live in some dilusion that everything must be fluff and butterflies...Angels and people who want to do good must recognize the bad first so they can know what good must be done..
I have nothing against noone in this group, just the views of them and how confusing they really are to mixing their own comfortable beliefs with that of Christianity..

I replied with:

Yes they "fear" negativity or the darkness just because they cannot come to terms with the darkness within themselves...they gloss their "shadow" over with pretty tales of "love and light" people who are compulsively lying to themselves are not enlightened nor strive for the Truth in all things.

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I for one would like to knw truth and insight im new here would like to be pointed to that direction

^EXACTLY^ :D <br />
Ive come across alot of so called "messengers of god" to only find beings struggling with denial of their own darkness. Balance IS essential, even god himself is a perfect being because is a complete balance of both good and evil.... Atleast to my understanding thusfar. Good story.