Demon Opression?

i think a demon is possessing me,or trying to.
i wake up sometimes not remembering going to sleep there,i can't remember what happened before.i hear things,weird whispers that seem almost..crackly,too fast so cannot hear what they are trying to say,it used to scare me but now i'm more curious.
i also see people,that i know aren't real,the only reason i know this is,i see one of them they walk past something solid or i walk past something solid so they go out of sight for a short moment and then when i reappear or they should have,they are not there anymore,i will walk back to see if they are there but they aren't ,example: i see one of these 'people' i walk past a tree which they may be standing behind,then i look back as to where they ought to be,but no one is there.
i'm not sure what this means
at night,i cannot sleep,something keeps me awake and i don't know what,it seems like something is telling me to stay awake or something might happen,without actually telling me,i just sort of 'sense it' and of course when i eventually fall asleep nothing happens although i have these strange dreams that i watch people being killed.
i also have a strange love for horror/scary movies,which i don't get scared of at all.
my parents used to say i talked to people that weren't there which i cannot remember.
i have a big curiosity of demons and devils. i enjoy learning about exorcisms and watching movies about them,i have a interest in being able to contact spirits ,using the ouija board and various thins like that
hilarypetal hilarypetal
Nov 28, 2012