Sexual Demon

I was born a sexual Adulterous Jewish Bastard. All my life my own mother tried to kill me or lock me up . Or ram the Bible down my throat but never could , and all my life Other women have adored and wanted me, till this day i have to watch, I got into Satanism when I was 07, was taught by a so called Witch who was having sex with me, and as I grew my powers grew. now as of 10 years ago I found I have the power to have sexual intercourse with others and never leave my home, can leave marks (Sucker Bites, ect) make women have increditable *******, just by spliting my spirit into two and go to them. also found that those who **** me off, well put it this way they don't stay around to long. I have seen my future and have a been place or position where I recieve money from the Masons, just to live a good life, I continue my studies of my powers and Life in general. I'm not a freak, I'm not a monster, I AM just ME!
luciferwilson luciferwilson
46-50, M
Jan 6, 2013