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Im Confused...

well ill just get right to the point, one day i met a wonderful girl, she was sweet beautiful and just plain amazing. we started dating and at the time i was involved with a gang i was their leader, well call them mimamic. and after two months we had grown very close and one day we were sitting outside and some of my men were patrolling nearby and all of the sudden a shot rang out and she fell to the ground. i turned to the nearby bushes were i heard it come from then my right hand man who well call mr park ducked along with my guard well call franz and some other soldiers but i just stood there and i started to shake like crazy and my irises turned blood red and i let out a very loud long high scream and i ran at super human speed toward the enemy gang members and ripped them to pieces with no weapons. i took them out quickly and then turned towards my girlfriend and walked towards her fell to my knees and said as she died "never forget me" and i havent . i had all bodies disposed of and i was uninjured surprisingly. its been 5 months since then. i recently met another like me with the same abilities. a girl named delilah. ive fallen in love with her and were together. im still confused as to what i am why im like this or where my abilities came from. so i been wondering ever since and i thought maybe im a demon so i joined this site to share my story...
dessy4445 dessy4445 16-17, M 1 Response Jan 22, 2013

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It is an amazing story dressy, and you might have been an awakening demon at the time. I'm glad you are happy in the end.