Dukezepar's Skype Group

Hello all! I'm writing this story for my dear friend DukeZepar, who is the most powerful demon of all!

Are you schizophrenic?
Do you think you know everything?
Do you often harbour a deep seeded angst against society within you that you take out on other on the internet?
Are you scared that your parents will find out what you're up to online?
Want to talk and feel comfortable amongst others who feel the same way?

COME TO THE ZEPAR OTHERKIN/SUPERNATURAL SKYPE GROUP! It's friendly and fun, and you can be free to judge us puny mortals as much as you like! Rules of entry are:

1. You must not, on any account, disagree with Zepar. He is all knowing, all being.
2. You must not think that hybrids don't exist because Zepar is living proof of that you are WRONG!
3. You must assert your forces of darkness upon mortals by calling them "emo *******" at least once a day. Its good to let those "useless sacks of flesh" know that you're clearly more powerful than they ever shall be!
4. Throw all your knowledge of basic grammar and punctuation away, demons, because it's not necessary now!

So that's it!
Please message DukeZepar is you are interested in his supernatural skype group!

-No need to thank me Zepar, I'm doing this for our friendship. <3-
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Hmmmm... I would like to know more. Message me.

u sound a bit upset clockwork... :3

Well, I had some bad curry a little bit ago, otherwise nope, all good. Thanks for being concerned though.

Oh!! There is a group now? Can I join? I love DukeZepar soooo much! I love when he calls me a fake or a Winchester! It make me want to love him like his parents never did! Yay!!!

He's a smart cookie.



I'm posting this comment to let you know that i have been outwitted by DukeZepar.
After a long struggle, I have been put in my place and now, and as requested, I shall now go and "Amanda Todd myself", because suicide victims don't deserve any sort of respect. Thankyou, Zepar, for showing me the error of my ways

lol, are u one of those people that cries about that ****?
please an hero &lt;3

You're stupid and it annoys me.

people are ******* ridiculous -__-

This sounds like the start of another religion...lol

Haha my thoughts too. But I'm serious that's what it sounds like..

He's a REAL demon, too!

I don't doubt it. My little Aiden picked up on him and Nero isn't to happy either. Haha


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Lol funny story

Lololol you left out things like '*****' '****' and 'harlot'

No you must call others this

See he and one of his moron buddies took to calling me that as well as some extremely vulgar remarks that I do not care to repeat. All based on my blurred face shot -_-

He's super intelligent, see.

God damn, this guy is just killin' me with the wit!

You're not a demon, mate.

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