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I Am A Demon. And This Is The Truth

Considering my personal privacy and previous issues, I'm going to make this very simple.
My name is Kyto Kumorara

The letter K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. In signature form it would show 11.11 This is not Christian at all as many before believed. 11 is one of Satan's numbers, along with 13, 4 and 666.

666 is the "Kabbalistic square of the Sun. 666 is the all-important solar chakra. The true meaning of the "Temple of Solomon" is the TEMPLE OF THE SUN. "Sol" "Om" and "On" are all words for the Sun. "Sol" is the Latin word for the Sun and is close to the English word "soul."" It doesn't mean BEAST or evil or monster.

Satan and Demons are not evil like Christianity had basically forced into the minds of people. I am a demon, and unlike all you role-players on here spewing false crap out of your *****, I speak no lies. I hate lies, lies are what control this world and I can't stand it. Though I am a demon, I have no abilities or powers, yet. It would be far to dangerous to practice at this time. I do however, have quite the knowledge about such things. If you are actually WILLING to learn... then I can teach you.
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Yeah your right

BOTH of the sides should stop replying to each other.
This is the only way to stop the fight. So stop it already, it's really really immature.

As for me really, I'm not choosing sides. I just think it should stop. Siding with someone will only make it worse.

lol give up. welcome to ep...


I couldn't have said it better myself chaosayama

I'm sorry I don't want to come across as rude but and honestly I don't want to change the way you or anyone thinks because its not my right to, but I think it pretty immature and pathetic to attack a person on what they believe.i mean sure at first the arguing was pretty amusing but now it's just ridiculous.i have read each and every single one of both of your quarrels and they are all very pressing points but still, I don't thinks it fair how its a 1 on like 3 fight at this point.

I definitely agree. This whole fight is unfair and immature.
Maybe all of you guys should just forget it and move on with your lives?

Claiming to be a demon isn't a matter of belief. You either are, or you aren't. And he isn't. Hiding behind bullshit like "it's your beliefs" is just a weak excuse.

I am a demon in the second plane of existence. Also known as the astral. On the physical level I am human, but in the astral I am a soul that was devoted to Satan in a past life time. The result of this binding was non-human characteristics; It's like being a hybrid. The human soul lived on a higher level of superiority a long time ago, this argues the fact whether we actually live on the astral or in the physical realm. So whether I am actually human, demon or both is something even I would ponder considering humanities lack of grasp in spiritual knowledge.

Ummm... No... Just... No.

On the physical level, you are human. That means on the astral plane, which is just Limbo, or the spirit plane, you're HUMAN. The astral plane coexists with ours. What you are here is almost ALWAYS what you are there.

I don't care who you devote yourself to, that doesn't make you a demon. Look, it's obvious this is some New Age Theistic Satanist delusion by a kid who wants to feel special... I get it, I do... But you aren't a demon. You obviously don't even know what a demon is.

You are NOT a demon human hybrid... I'm telling you, ugh... Does every moron on the planet randomly want to be a cambion now? Really? I just... I don't know... This is just pathetic...

And while you may lack a grasp in spiritual knowledge, that doesn't mean others do. You joined a cult, and now you're convinced of a bunch of New Age nonsense... But some of us, like myself and others on here, actually know about the spiritual world. And you aren't a demon. You aren't a cambion. You're just a kid. Also, Satan doesn't even exist. It's a title... A long time ago, it was a word meaning Adversary, and it was code for God himself, for an angel that God sent to tempt people, and a term for EVERY demon...
There is no bright and shiny fallen angel or sparkly hellgod out there turning souls into demons and hearing your prayers. You're just getting your chain yanked...

Personally I don't care what you think, you're free to view it as whatever you want, see me as stupid or idiotic, knock yourself out because according to common sense, exact opposites think the same of each other. I have my own views, experience and personal knowledge. I'm not targeting you like an enemy, you're just another person with an opinion. Deny mine all you like, I know what I know and you know what you know. I'm not trying to be 'special'. If you feel the need to waste your time on attempting to make me think any different, then go ahead. You have your God, I have mine. You don't know me at all, so you don't believe what I say, and I don't know you, and I instantly view your demon hunting gig as bullshit. Making any connections? I've never dealt with any 'evil' demons in my life, so how am I suppose to believe you're vanquishing what you call demons. And you've never seen or heard of a human who is a demon, because who just ups and tells people that? You only believe in possession and hauntings, which is something I've never experienced. You might as well just call yourself a ghost hunter, because that's basically all you're hunting, not demons. As for my views, there is no 'loving', 'accepting' and 'caring' being by the name of God who hugs humanity every given day and "shows them the path to the light". There's my opinion. Stone cold and oh so heartlessly presented, compared to yours.

*sigh*................geez why.....why can't you ppl just leave kyto alone, if you think your right that's fine if he thinks he is right that is fine......but to the love of my why can't stop arguing.

I don't have a god, dumbass. Gods are no better than any other monster... So nice try on that one... But see, the difference is, yours are "opinions" and "views". Mine are facts. There's a big difference between us... And you've never MET a demon. You've met a bunch of neo-satanist with delusions...

Never met a 'neo-Satanist', I'm not even sure what you're going off about. I must be a special kind of 'idiot' to you. I'm quite aware that when one only speaks of their experiences and their own knowledge, others will be very skeptic and go on about how that person is crazy, a kid, idiot, moron, mental patient, drug addict, nutso, gayfag, gayhomofag, gayhomofaggotfagqueerbitch and stupidkidwhodoesn'tknowwhathe'stalkingaboutbecausehe'ssodumbhurrhurrderp. K. Alright. Go play with your 'werewolves' and call upon your 'mighty army' of heroes and destroy all evil like the good guy who believes 'all-evil-must-be-destroyed-without-question-for-the-sake-of-peace-and-other-good-things-like-that' you are. You think what your telling me is fact? That it is undeniable truth? Okay, have fun with that. I call them opinions and views because at least I'm intelligent enough to know what's undeniably fact and what isn't. I'm not the all knowing being of the universe, and I don't assume that everything I know is 100% correct. That's part of being an Informant.

....Hunt, do i have to explain why Satan isn't real or the devil again? >_>

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Thank you chaosamaya. You guys really need to back off........... >:(

Yeah just leave him alone already.

*sigh*. Can you guys just lay off him. You guys have been arguing for the longest now.

I like my anime,
But i think you're watching too much.

I don't watch crap. " If you're referring to my avatar then that's a pretty pathetic thing to assume. A friend of mine drew this for me out of admiration."


You're not the only "brutally honest" guy here.

Demon, but have no powers... How did I JUST notice that part? hahahaha... Every time I need a good laugh, your ignorant nonsense is the perfect thing. If anyone is stupid enough to actually listen to this asshat, then I feel sorry for you. Obviously, your mom smoked heavy amounts of crack during pregnancy.

OF COURSE! Let's watch cartoons and let THEM dictate how we can become badasses! Because that's TOTALLY not nerdy!

This comment was beautiful, Az... I'm so proud...

No, I wasn't aware. But that's not why I said what I said

A weeaboo huh? If you're referring to my avatar then that's a pretty pathetic thing to assume. A friend of mine drew this for me out of admiration. I think you've been part of the internet for too long.

Keep going I'm not quite offended yet.

Please... use your time to build something that will give you the ability to tell the difference between 'butthurt' and irritated.

This is just so adorable. Keep going.

You've got some weird fetishes.

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You were born here for a reason, perhaps that purpose has not yet arrived. It shall soon. Just be patient

I wonder, do you still see this blonde man?

I am a very powerful, high-ranking, demon. I can travel from here and to our home,at my own free will.

Are you under a certain order? And if you are, which?

Our armies are vast and it is wondrous to meet an inexperienced, like yourself. I specialize in the training of our young ones. So, if interested you may contact me.

And as for lilcookiemunster and Azsuranil . Certain high-ranking demons such as myself, do have our own human forms. Because for the most part at some point in our extremely long lives, we are human. Therefore, some of us are granted permission to use that form and live here for our cause.

No hunny I do not, but there are even things not available for exorcist's to know.

I am, but you don't even know my name. You may call me Lucy for short.

What the ****???

And tell me do you still believe your God is a man? You ignorant fool. I know who you speak of, a good soldier at that. But, by no means is he better than me. You ignorant **** doubt me if you must

I am anything if not bored, darling. And I never said anything about the "Almighty" being my main enemy

Seriously azsuranil what the **** ? Why are you always claiming to people that they aren't what the say they are.What if they are what they are? You never ******* no.Hoe the **** are we gonna no if your a so called "demon hunter" and do you no what I did some research on you and you are a fake because every so called "fact that you say is found on google

I am really not in the ******* mood to deal with you right now if your gonna start a fight than u can come to my house and fight me cuz I about ready to break u like a ******* twig

O really I can kick ur ***

Alright see u then

So... This idiot is actually claiming to be the Ruler of Hell... And this liltwatcookie is a cambion... Please, both of you, prove it. Gizmo, if you're a demon, prove it to me. I have an infallible test I can toss out on that one. And Cookie... Prove to me you're half-demon. Believe me, that is something you can't fake. No one can. Which is how I already know you're full of ****, but please, try to prove yourself.

Alright what do u want me to do

Just getting my plane ticket

Good one.

Oh, I haven't been back to this site for a while. Coming here and seeing this unbelievable amount of ignorance... my friend, I believe you are worthy enough of my time to learn a thing or two. I care not of your opinions or preferences for they are purely yours and yours alone, but you are unknowingly and gravely deceived by the Xians, or well, Christian religion. First of all, each demon has an individual number of power. I can tell you that the meaning of 11 in the CHRISTIAN religion means destruction. Now 11 is also one of the numbers of Satan, "he is symbolized by the Water Bearer of the sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the Zodiac. Aquarius is the sign of humanity, technology and genius." 11 only means destruction in the Christian religion. So when you actually do your research on religious origins, you'd understand that 9/11 was caused by Christian means, not Satanic. I hope you know what the Greys are. It's what the Christians REALLY are worshiping, and the majority don't even know that. The Greys are horrible supernatural beings that live on the astral. They prey on those who are weak in spiritual power due to their dependence on "God", this so called Jehova who oh so "loves his people". You humans don't even remember your true creator. Satan created humans in his image through genetic engineering. Humans existed in the Gold Mining Project. demons of all kinds adored the humans and wished for them to become just like them. To have spiritual power and become part of the god-head; to reach their desires and experience TRUE freedom. The Greys only believed humans to be some pathetic creature that would blindly obey orders from higher beings since they lacked the knowledge to advance in spirit. That is our job. To help humans advance in spiritual power and become one of us. Now the Greys will preform little 'miracles' to keep the whole "oh angels love us, God is protecting us, I have no reason to advance in spirit" thing going. To keep you closed off. I'm sorry you live in a world filled by lies, but to know what the truth is, you have to do research like the intelligent being you are. I've helped many a Theistic Satanist in spiritual advancement, and I know many of them have created sites with information about the truth. Most famously, the Joy of Satan site. Now I'm not what you would call a "mature" demon like others, as I'm rather childish, but I DO strongly take offence to disrespect. I'll let some things slide but when it goes to far, we demons WILL let you know. Gizmocide is right that the Christian 'God' is not man. These "angels" are visibly seen as Grey 'clouds'. Empty and void of empathy or emotion. Man is not the enemy of demons. We adore humans, we love them, because they are the dearest creation of our Father. Satan created humans through genetic engineering, that is why science can relate humans to evolution. Humans did not suddenly appear out of no where as the Xians would like you to believe because they have no other way to say why humans exist. We do not possess humans. That is what the Greys do. We are either evoked or invoked by respectful ritualistic means. We trust no human that is not dedicated to Father. And the rare few demons such as myself who choose to be reincarnated, usually keep to ourselves and our abilities. The world is not entirely ready to coexist with us. So we are reborn humans. Our soul remains the same, our form is ever changing. However we know our true appearance when we're on the astral. My silver eyes, white hair and tail is nothing to be taken lightly. It represents my inhuman nature. We are not monsters, Satan is not a red creature with an arrow tail, rubbery wings and horns, we are not 'evil', we do not hate humans... and religion between Christianity and Satanism, is reversed.

Nice to see your cranium is still in need of a fix.

There is plenty of proof out there that shows the truth about Christianity. You just have to look between the lines. I can offer you evidence, that is if you feel like bothering with it. There are people who deal with real experiences that can't be more obvious of origin than they already are; and then there is historical proof.

I can provide more if your not satisfied. I also suggest (if you give a **** of course) that you watch a movie titled "Our Fathers". I have no doubt though, you will more than likely just ignore what I've shown you and blindly continue to follow what Christians spew out of their ***** like the rest of man kind.

1. Is there something specific you'd like to know?
2. Christian religion is against humanity, sins are just their little way of saying your flawed. Jesus Christ is a fictitious concept stolen from historical Gods such as Odin who was hung on a tree. Jesus was made up so humans would feel "saved" and that they would feel they had no need for spiritual advancement. People say simply reading the bible improves your spiritual power, this is yet another tool used by the Xians.
3. It couldn't possibly be anymore obvious that the Christian religion was created to be a trap for humanity. Deep research is all it takes. Simply finding results on Google is NOT going to give you accurate info of the Christians, since the results are made by the majority of people who have been sucked into Christianity themselves.
4. The Christians called the Gentiles "Witches" because it was used as an offensive term for what it is they work with to improve their spiritual power. You probably don't know what the Kundalini Serpent is, or that Astaroth is in fact female, or the fact that in the old testament demons were known as Daemons in which they watched over humans and protected them, or that there are still remains of temples that were built in worshiping of the demon Gods who protected them that the Christians tore down, or that the egyption Gods are demons of Satan, or that the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt are actually instructions to become part of the god-head, and that the pyramids represent the 7 chakras of the soul and spiritual advancement. You have much to learn.
5 Oliver Cromwell was the one who wanted to 'cancel Christmas' because it was originally a Satanic holiday known as Yule Season, the tree represents the same thing that the egyption pyramids do. It's still all about gifts, joy, presents and fun, however I can't help but find it so funny when Christians come to my door and sing carols. They are celebrating their own downfall.
6. I'm not forcing you to be a Satanist, or join Satan or whatever, you have your free will. And that's not my job, my job is simply to expose the lies of Christianity. Satan admires everything about equality, and doesn't like to force anything on anyone. Information is power.
7. .....You have an odd habit of making things into a list. Not that I mind or anything.

As a side note, the title Satan, means Shining Serpent in Sanskrit. So does Lucifer and EA, it only means enemy in Hebrew; Hebrew is Christian in origin. Sanskrit existed way before Hebrew. Also... are you really a Demon Hunter?

1. I don't know your definition of 'evil' but helping another isn't a bad thing. This does, however, relate to Christians with their temples and forcing people to pay a donation through fear. So here you got some poor guy starving to death all he's got is a dollar, now he's gonna go donate to this temple, probably the last bit of currency he's ever going to get his hands on for another 3 days, because he's afraid that if he doesn't then he's going to get cast down into a 'burning lake of fire' which is actually reverted to Christianity, however he also thinks if he does this; his almighty 'God', and saviour is going to have mercy on him and present him with a ******* feast in the next 6 years. And let's say he dies of starvation in hmm... 2 hours. Does your 'God' react that fast? No. Know why? Of course you don't you're too ignorant. Jehova hates humans, they weren't even his own creation. Greys or Angels whatever the hell you wanna call them, FEAR even the THOUGHT of humans having power that can destroy them. Power in the human soul comes from the 7 chakras, 7 was stolen in the Christian bible and was falsely claimed to be 'God's' number. Perhaps you've heard of the 7 seels? The 7 seels are the chakras, closed off so you can't have power. The Xians use fear to control, that's why they bring up all this bullshit about Satan. Satan has never killed anyone, meanwhile in the bible Jehova mercilessly killed millions of humans who the Christians claimed he 'loved' oh so much.
2. I think you're the one missing the point here. If this 'Jesus' existed, don't you think he'd be a big deal among other religions? Because if this Jesus is hard rock solid evidence that everything in Christianity is true, then why don't all religions in the entire world involve him? Why not Egypt? Wasn't it Egypt that all the Christians claimed their religions truth originated from? Where is he mentioned among all those hieroglyphs, when in fact, Egypt is Satanic in origin? He was and always will be a fictitious character created as a tool for the Xians to use on people to stop them from feeling the need to attain power to protect themselves. That's all he is. If you can find some actual evidence, some REAL solid evidence that hasn't been tampered with by Xians, then you let me know.
3. You don't even know half the **** Christians have done to innocent people. They invented new torture weapons, they killed, murdered, raped and ******* did blood sacrifices and your saying hatred is merely EXPECTED from me just because I'm a demon? I hope you'll one day decide to do your ******* research because obviously you're defending what has caused unbelievable suffering, torment and UNECISSARY MURDER, and that is NOT OKAY! There is nothing "holy" or anything for spiritual advancement or the betterment of humanity in the bible. Look to the numbers, the books, the scriptures, and the contents and you will see it for what it is really for; it is a book of Jewish witchcraft, of which they use liberally way at the top, to advance their agenda and to enslave the masses. I'm hoping you'll some how come across that banned news article that speaks of how Christians had nailed the intestines of innocent people to a pole and whipped them mercilessly to run around the pole until all their guts were unraveled and they died of shock just to please their 'God'! I have VERY good reason to hate them.
4. You are so utterly and unbelievably ignorant. The demons ARE Gods. Anubis, Gamory, Malphas, Mephisto, Zaleos, Seere, all demons all Gods. The original meaning of demon (daemon) was God.
5. Nothing is going to get through your skull is it? You clearly are blind to all sense I'm telling you! If you're going to say that Christmas was Jesus's birthday, then why not tell me some info to back up that so called fact? I'm not going to let such 'info' slide by either without researching it myself. I can easily prove you wrong. I WORK in the Information Industry, it is NOT that hard to find accurate info for me.
6. I'm starting to wonder if you're dyslexic, because if you truly are then nothing I say will enlighten you. I'm not against you, I'm trying to help you. But obviously you can't so much as read between the lines to even realise that.
8. Yup, you really let them get to you. You think your strong huh? Think you've learned it all and know truth from false. You've learned about all the Christian bull and found it fascinating as a kid and you've delved so damn deep into it, it's a wonder you're still sane.

I can't help you understand. Believe what you will, I've got nothing to say.

I PMed you clear info in what I believe you are doing is false magic. You are wrong in thinking I'm even a bit scared. I couldn't possibly be more confident in my words than I am now, I've got no reason to even BE afraid, fear is a weakness, it is used to control you, only if you let it that is. I don't see you as my enemy and I'm not your enemy either. I only see it to be a lost cause to try to educate someone who denies everything and doesn't even consider even the most basic info. I've no reason to correct your listing anymore, it would be in vain.

1. It could be some other form of magic that doesn't relate to my kind. I doubt it will grant you immortality though, or the Magnum Opus. It doesn't seem like the kind of magic that would advance you to godhead.

2. The fact that it's used for control by Xians, only makes me angry in situations I probably would have naturally feared.

3. Anger comes from the base chakra actually, the act of being concealed for centuries would bring about rage and frustration. It's healthy to let out anger.

4. But if that road is like a damn million headed hydra you best just stick with the original one.

1. You'll keep being reincarnated though you know... if you believe that sort of thing anyway.
2. I'm well controlled about it, but as our conversation was going, it continued to go in the same direction. And I'm use to getting angry when all I hear is Jesus this and God that for an extended amount of time. I'm not as angry as I make it seem. Hard to convey emotions through text.
3. From what I know, anger comes from Muladhara. The base chakra.
4. Hatred brings about anger, and I'd saying containing anger would be even more so unhealthy. Despite your assumptions though, I'm not that angry, if at all. I was more annoyed to the fact you continued to toss aside the info I provided you without consideration, even with proof I added.
5. I'm not seeing your point.

THE OTHER GUY WHO SAYS HE IS A DEMON, please go the kyto's house in ASTRAL and knock the stupid out of him........... as for KYTO, you want to start your own cult,...why all the trouble, there are already other CULTS who work on the same premises that you describe - to brainwash people into controlling them to BETTER YOUR OWN SELF-ESTEEM ....try GOING TO CHURCH..........all the motherfukkkers there are just like you, the one thinking they are better than the other............and always wanting to bring the neighbour down to feel better about himself........see there is nothing special about you, because YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER DEMON OF THE WORLD.............A WORLDLY CITIZEN WITH A DEMONIC/DEVILLLISH MINDSET.

Wow you two really go at it.

You go mate

Message me

please envolk a demon to **** me please I beg and desire for 25 yrs

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True but I'm half demon my father kinda took human form and rapes my mom

Have u ever heard of possessing a human? That's what I thought

Actually since u are the "expert" and want ot delete me from ur page from my "stupid" then why won't u leave the **** alone

No cuz I'm not u no NOTHING about me or my family so I got facts wrong I'm young and apperntly not as "smart"(not) as u ok just leave me alone If ur gonna be talking bullshit all of the ******* time to me

No and look up there again ***** and read that I said (not) and why would I admit I'm lying if I'm not?hmmmmm?

Look I'm not addmiting that I'm "lying" but I'm done with this stupid bullshit fighting I never like to get in fights but everytime I try to stop Someone haw to keep adding on to it


U were on my page trying to start **** and I'm just trying to leave it alone

Demons can't take human form unless their soul is reincarnated as human. And even so I highly doubt Satan would allow a demon to rape a human, as they ARE his dearest creation. But I suppose it would depend on the circumstances. Though it is not uncommon for a demon to form a strong bond with an individual human; you strongly lack any accurate information that has to do with fact.

Show me this evidence and I can find more accurate information to prove it wrong.

What people mistake for as demons are the Greys. You've completely shut yourself out from believing in anything I'll tell you, so believe what you will. But I'll tell you this, unlike others on this site, I am not fooling around.

The truth about Hitler is a whole different thing, I don't wanna do history.

"I don't wanna do history."


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not all demons are spawns of Satan, a lot of them actually aren't

The Greys are malevolent. Not demons.

You've lived in a society filled with Christian bullshit since you were born. I can't blame you for being so loathing towards me.

You're utterly fucktarded...

And you're utterly tardfucked.


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Thanks if you can I would like to message you

I am a new satanist teach me Please


ok some of what you say i think is in many documents it states that satan was an angel, specifically the most beautiful/handsome and could have(/or not) the image of a bull.
explaining why he likes animals and why he can look like a blond human, one of the reasons (i think) demons no longer show their true form is because (i don't want to offend you) disciples of Christ would banish them from that area/host never to return....

what if disciples of christ are really satanists, then what you say is irrelevant........all christians follow organized religion, that makes them BRAINWASHED PUPPETS, controlled by SATAN and his followers in any case.

This was cute lol Such a cute little demon. Don't worry, I believe you. I'm a 42 headed hydra who shoots pina colada out of my noses!

That WOULD be neat if it were true.

So would you being a demon... But you know, both of these descriptions are bullshit

I read all of it, I did. That doesn't change anything for me. In fact I'm not bothered. And "Satan loves everyone", he loves humans, if raping someone is what they desire so be it. It's when a non-human being does it, is when the line is drawn. Everyone is free to hate, do what they wish, but they are responsible for the consequences. There's a reason demons don't help prisoners out of jail, you reap what you sow. And whatever Maxine does is purely her responsibility. I go by my own experiences and knowledge. Not by hers. She is what you'd call someone who's done their research. Unlike someone I know. Also, what you showed me is very poor with supporting their statement. It's all the more amusing on how you'll go to such lengths with this.

It's cute how you're trying to help you're buddy and all but when you put in lack of effort to prove your point, you're just not worth my time.

1. I respect desires, nothing more.

2. Like I told you, I don't go by her knowledge and words. I go by my own. Christians are human, you'd have to be stupid to not see that, the difference is they are against Father, and I'm aware the majority don't even know what they are truly worshipping but that's the just of it.

3. I'm a sociopath. I'd love to see you try and offend me, go on. I enjoy your feeble attempts to try and get to me.

You're somewhere in between fuckass and ravtile.

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ye im a demn hibird werwolf i saw satn in mi drem n hi sed i was a demon n dat i ws her 2 serv fater satn sail fatn da tru lite n creat0r msg mi to tlk bout demn experencz

Do tin foil hats protect against cancer? If not I'm in trouble.

What about verbal-AIDS?

*eye twitches*....i dont even....gah -__-