Demon On the Earth

Now-a-days, I feel that I'm not part of Human Soceity. I just feel that I'm a demon who lives only for himself and no one else. I find it difficult to see why they love to treat me like I'm nothing, to see me as a different person or to reject me when I offer to bond with them. But no, they just leave me to rot and die. And now, I have to face alone once again after the many mistakes I've made in my past. I'm no human, never was and never will be. I am nothing but a demon, an outcast of Human Society.

Lucius89 Lucius89
18-21, M
10 Responses Jan 11, 2009

Its just that you're different from what they know and they can't accept it. It doesn't mean you're a demon hun.

Stop playing pretend with this demon sh!t and grow up, there problem solved

maybe its because you live only for yourself... just say'n

If your an outcast... Find outcast friends!

Alas it is a tragic necessity for us to feel outcast and unwanted, lonely and bitter it is how we realize our true potential and our true selves. I am here if you need someone to talk to my friend. Whether you be a demon or not remains to be uncovered but at any rate you are a lost soul in need of companionship and that is painfully obvious so I offer my company to you.

If you are a demon, my young mortal friend, then forget not who it is that you serve. You do not have to fit in or be accepted. Bend the others who inhabit this world to your will and mere acceptance will become a shadow of what you can achieve.

That does not make you demonic.

theres a diffrince between outcast and a Demon. if you seem to have somepowers ofer some aspecs on humanity Ie Knowing what one would say before they say it a lot. or having a inner voice in your head thats thinking things you normally dont think of like evel stuf or your arms turn black randomly and many many other things.... than you are a Demon. but according what your saying so far your just an outcast not a demon. if you want to know more if you are or arnt one message me. and im serrious about this.

do not listen to that fool. i know what your feeling. i too wish to no longer be in this world. i dont belong here. ive felt this way all my life. i too am a demon.

Get off your pity potty. YOU and only you are responsible for your happiness and well being. If you are unhappy with the people around you, move on and find some you can be happy with. You seem to think you are unique in your feelings. WRONG - there are millions in this world who are like you. Find them and become their friends. You do not have to associate with anyone you don't want to associate with. I give you no sympathy - I do give you this advice: Stop moaning about how bad things are and go make them better.