heed my words brothers and sisters hell is about to be unleashed on earth. I have been brought forth in preparation and with me I bring 66 legions. Salvete lux ferre. Lucien and Alistair have brought me here via the moon child ritual a humunculus.
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No, you're not. All 400 people who put this on their EP resume in order to fit in with werewolves and vampires... you know what, never mind. Kids these days.

My name is beelzebub.

From out of the smoke, locusts were unleashed….
And I looked as the Fourth Seal was broken and opened in the blood red sky and lo, there was a horrible buzzing sound that spread throughout the land. I looked below and slowly advancing was the Evil One, the One Who Walks Amongst the Crops. Clad in the garb of a false prophet and bearing the mark of Cain upon his brow, the Earth beneath his feet was scorched with every step he took.....Abaddon the demon of the bottomless pit

It refers to the end of the world , the angel who will bring destruction to all life on this earth , do you even know who abaddon is. Or any of the demons he named

Heed the warning or dismiss it I care not.

a very small human or humanoid creature.
a supposed microscopic but fully formed human being from which a fetus was formerly believed to develop.

mid 17th century: from Latin, diminutive of homo, homin- ‘man.’
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Homunculus (Latin for "Little Human") refers to the mythological concept of an artificially created human, presumably brought into existence by certain means of alchemy.


Ahah! I found it! The post that personifies this video!