Please Be My Freind

i am not humen i am a young dragoon i know many do not know of my kind we are very much unknown and i am sorry. over my past i have had.... habbits that make me unwanted. all i ask is that someone talk to me please anyone whos like me thank u
tankadgoodmen tankadgoodmen
18-21, M
10 Responses Sep 29, 2009

You can talk to Me

Or maybe all of you should just be institusionalized so that you dont have to be bothered by us "normal" people.

Jesus loves you

******* stupid dude theres kids that are starving and youre ******* wasting my time. Grow up we're all weird

im a small luck demon girl the question is will you be my friend

My friend, your not alone, and this is my first time on here and speaking to people of my own ordeal, you are with friends.

I will be your friend to the end. Feel free to talk to me.

It is an honor to meet you. I would love to become acquainted with one another. ^_^

Wow a dragon? Cool I've never met one before! I'm sure a wolf demon can be friends with a dragon :)

ahahahahahaha!!!! ok there buddy LOL

I'm appalled at the comments!! Keep them away from your children? He's just a kid having fun! Children have fantasies. And you think your imaginary friend "God" will help "cure" their fantasies? Shame on you.