You Don't Know Me

You don't know who I am, so I think it okay to post this here, if only for the purpose of doing it anywhere.

I don't know how serious this thread is, but it's open to free discussion, right?

Well, What is a demon? I don't know, they appear to us in so many ways through so many myths and stories. Still I find it common throughout these stories that a demon is someone who's human, but still not for one way or another. They don't have to be evil ( for the obvious reasons that my idea of evil does not have to match you idea of the same thing ), but they still don't feel fit in the society of men because they are "different".

In that way, I am a Demon. It was not I who said it first, but a close friend of mine who asked me if I was something else, like a demon of some sorts. I didn't understand why, but when she told me of several things she'd noticed it dawned upon me how different I really was, just hadn't really thought about it until then.

She told me I had this strange ability to persuade people into doing my will, people always seemed to do what I wanted them to, and say what I wanted to hear. I am not an intimidating person, I am the shoulder to cry on and the "good friend".

There were several other things, like my eyecolour constantly changing between blue, gray and green, which wasn't the funny part though, but the faqt that there is a yellow circle around the iris that sometimes consumes all other colour and my eyes become yellow instead of the other three colours. She said she constantly had the feeling I knew what people were thinking and feeling, because I often answered the things they were about to say before they said it and seemed to want to cry when the person standing next to me was the one in the bad mood.

Since then I have gone to a psychic, and before you make any comments about that, I live in Iceland where we do things differently. Psychics are not uncommon, and it is a public believe that they are real. She looked at me and told me I was special. The room was supposedly full of spirits, but unlike most they didn't just follow me, they were supposed to be awaiting my move, watching me, waiting for the moment I would notice them.

That was when she said I wasn't who I thought I was, not a 16 yrs old kid trying to get through school ( and believe it or not, I'm not one of the geeks, nerds, goths or emos ( which are not lame, bad or in any way worse types ), I run with the "popular" kids who would rather die than talk about something like this, they even voted for me to become the dorm president ( the one who's responsible for the social life, parties, etc  )). She said I'd been around for some time now, and the only reason I didn't remember my "earlier experience" was because the body I am posessing right now isn't old enough, not strong enough yet to take on all the experience of old age.

And now, a year after, I have been having flashbacks, memories mixing with the ones I already hold. I remember my first time with a woman, three times. I easily recall when I first had sex two years ago, but I also feel like I remember two other girls, whom with I have never been. My body is changing, I never used to eat meat ( my parents are vegetarians ) but now I eat it raw. I can smell blood, my teeth are so sharp I can easily bite through a can and I have become so much stronger, faster, agile since only a year ago. I just got really sick for three weeks last winter, where I couldn't move at all and all my body ached like it was on fire, but when it was all over I felt better than ever before. I can run for miles without getting tired, dive underwater for minutes without even feeling the slightest need to breathe and all minor wounds seem to heal rapidly. This summer I was working construction and a wall fell over me. They thought i was dead, several nails had been sticking out of it and I had been under those. I however just pulled the two nails that went through my ribs out and held the wound. It didn't hurt at all, and after a short while the only thing left were two scars. I also got run off the road by a drunken driver at the speed of 110 km/h, the car went off a shoulder 9 meters high and ended in a river that ran not far away. A witness ran to the car, thinking he was going to save my body, no way I could've survived that crash, but before he got to the car I unbuckled my damaged seatbelt, opened the doors and swam out, not a scratch on me, despite the steering wheel being broken as my chest had hit it.

My hands are constantly cold, but my body is steaming hot and shaped in the form of a greek god, even though I never work out.

These are the reasons I am starting to doubt my humanity, that and of course the blood sample the doctor took that prooved my red blood cells weren't doughnut shaped like human blood cells, but like the cells of a camel.

But then again, I can always turn the statement around and ask, Am I a Demon or am I just some kind of a human freakshow?

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Im living in hell of confusion. HAHAHA. I hope I could just drop everything down and live normal before I get mad, but I cant

I don't think you're any of the things you've mentioned. I think you're experiencing the first signs of demonic possession. Contact a demonologist in your area, because I can't fly out of where I currently am, and have the demonologist determine your issue.

Don't worry, I live in the land of reality. :)
We've got the issue under control. ;)

P.s. Fly anywhere close to me and I will call the cavalry...

All right...

I didn't think the whole blood thing made sense, but hell we all experience things differently, but unexplained by science. Hell, when I was born, doctors said I wouldn't be able to walk or talk cause of the odd way I was born, but here I am, a science marvel.

Hahaha, I had forgotten about this.<br />
<br />
To all people who responded: I had to make a fantasy person for a literature class and then spread it on the internet. It's fiction. Obviously, I thought.<br />
<br />
I mean really, a CAMEL BLOODED DEMON?<br />
What's wrong with you people?<br />
<br />
... and if I really was, do you actually think I'd advertise it on the internet under a picture of me?<br />
<br />
Way to go, stupid-camel-demon-me... -.-

I like Lilith, she knows something about this. You are you, and you are changing( for the better), and seriously, **** you seth. No one wants to be that weak little thing you got going. Come to my house and try to exorcise me, cause I'll tear you limb from limb. We demon folk don't take to kindly to your kind, but we except all others. Gotta suck to be te freak here, Seth.

Look, the stuff you posted on has been resolved. Enough screwing around. Please stop looking to start a fight; I have no qualms with you, you just want to make me angry.

I only seek to stop your foolish attempts, the teeth are already in these people, your comments only sink them into yourself. I don't get angry nor wish to provoke a war over something so impetuaous. I just desire, A. You come clean and let us all know your gay, and like it up the ***, or B. leave us alone. This is a counseling site and a place for people to let out their truths, not be knocked out of who they are. So if you would be a true christ follower, leavest us to grow.

Nobody wants you here, BriceMunroe. All the issues you posted on HAVE BEEN RESOLVED. Screw off.

Hey Seth, suck my big and hairy, demonic balls. Cause simply, I don't give a **** about your feelings, especially since you've posted on more than just this one, I'm giving you the proper dosage of medication.

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Bullshit. All of it.

Get your head straight.<br />
<br />
The human mind is extremely powerful; you can convince yourself and others who are easily suggestible of literally anything.<br />
<br />
The average human being is highly suggestible and easily manipulated...look around you at normal everyday life for the proof.<br />
<br />
Just because a psychosis does not cause you to to initiate exceedingly traumatic actions against yourself or others, yet, does not disprove the fact that the psychosis exists.<br />
<br />
Fix your head, it is purely a matter of choice.

I hav know idea if I'm a demon or not but I hav defied death a couple of times when I lived with my first father he was giving me a bath he tried drowning me but from what my mom tells me she came right as I was aboutto drown then after we'd been living on our own for a while we went to a river to swim as we'd normally done and I jumped off this rock and went under water and apparrently a stick had cut the back og my leg wide open and I blacked out next thing I know I'm awake on the shore I'd been out for15 minutes and I felt ok didnt even notice the gash on my leg until my mom told me ......... But I don't think that makes me a demon I do have evil and dark thoughts and I have dreams of the future and what I dream about usually happens and I've figured out I can change it up to my advantage but that's all I've got could someone tell me if I am or not I'm confused

Let go of your fear. Let go of your feeling of abnormality or freakishness. Embrace who you are Lebano. Prepare yourself, the reason it manifests itself is because the time is coming. Be ready. Look deep within yourself and meditate on my words and you will know of what I speak. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me and I will explain to you further. ^_^ But be at peace there is nothing wrong with you at all...... in fact there is everything right.

coo-coo! coo-coo! hahaha!

"My hands are constantly cold, but my body is steaming hot and shaped in the form of a greek god, even though I never work out."<br />
<br />
wow...strange because i'm the same. Hands and feet are constantly cold as ice.. but my body is so hot... <br />
I have the plump body of those greek statue women too... hmmm?

I know how you feel, i have been defying death for a very long time, i am 19 years old and my place is a Demon, and he has hold a piece of me, controlls some of what i think and do say or hear, my eyes are dark hazel, but will turn black or green, my friends say that sometimes the white part goes red... things i mumble sound like toughs, and that i am known as the 1st son of the seven sons', i was cased out in the beginning of time along with 6 others and the master, i have yet to control the powers with in but, i have no feel to fire and heat, cold is how i need to cool off, anger and rage feeds these beings, visions and strange activities first time defying death i was less the 2 and i drove a car off a cliff, i was hung by my swing set, endowed of a sled into a forest and missed every tree, a lethal dose of Carbon Monoxide, don't let others betray you, the thirst for raw meat also comes with drams of war. the thirst of a soul in your name for a slave when we return home, the time will come and we will all become rulers of this mortal world....... and show them the actual powers we hold, as i started as an angel and was out cased by "GOD" i have been left her on this world to make my place as of two options.....I help the next coming and let him live......or.....i take his emortal soul and drag him and his beliefs to the Master so he can over rule the heavens, and destroy the may not beleive any of this most don't...but i am looking for an understanding, an out of this mortal life,, i want a hypnosis to unlock my subcontentious and let loose what is bottled up

Don't go to god. God won't help you he'll just try to enslave you. Learn to give in to your feelings and intentions. Don't be afraid of what you are, embrace it.

hey my ex-friend shared something like this. he is a demon. his arm turnes black every now and than and he took off a piece of it and showed it to a doctor and he said that it was over a thousand years old.... your not alone out there. trust me on that. if you trully think your a demon than hear your self talk. lisin to you inner voice and see what it says. people always think there just talking to your inner mind but sometimes if it feels as though there a voice in you that you never herd before or mamby your thinking a bit more evil thoughts, than yes you are a demon. when you say the spirits entered the room were they greenish in cooler in a ball shaped form or were they full blown out human shapes? you could control people and you know what there about to say. i do that all the time. my friends are scared of me a bit beacuse i have a nack for saying what there thinking or seeing the future a bit or having memories i havent had before. every example you give is the same as my Ex-friends. He told me the same things you said. one advice dont go to the doctor again bc he might put you through a government testing facility's for further research... okay? and btw im not joking message me if you seem to want to know more about this dude...

You already "know" that you are more than common mortal-<br />
<br />
"Vampires" are nothing more than (Highly evolved humans) and with that- I welcome you "into my family...:)

Hi, Luxor, vampires are just lower DNA based Demonicrons. If you have certain symptoms of te demonicron, you are basically royalty.

Sounds like a possession. My husband was possessed for many years. They like teens and children. His demon and a few other have told me such. <br />
<br />
They can pull glamors on you and the people around you. They really like protecting those that they possess because you are already such a willing host so why leave?<br />
<br />
Please find God's help. Fast and spend time in prayer. Ask others to fast and pray with you. Demon's are not silly little imps that only have 10 hitpoints. They are the fallen ones and to them you are just a fleshy pawn. You are worth so much more then that. The Fallen Ones hate us simply because God placed us higher then them and he made us in his image. Using you and slowly convincing you that you are a demon so why not act like one is their goal.

God isn't the answer, children are born with this, "oh, how do you know, Brice?" **** its easy to see. Mentally challenged, they are always at war with themselves, but most cases where a child comes to grips he's got more than one personality, he's "ok". But what Timmy didn't tell the doctors is he's come to grips with who he is. Knowing is half the battle, and acceptance is the rest. I wish people would get educated. Read up on all religions, all of them, especially side by sides of the Christian beliefs. Read revelations in the king James bible, read It in the Talmud, hell even the Muslim bible. It teaches in the last days that the children will be born with multi spirits, with demonic influence. Think of it as a gift. :)