Rdh & Neuromuscular Trauma

Hi all,

I've been an RDH since 1993. I have always loved being a hygienist and caring for patients. It has been a wonderful career up until this past year.
I have had two spine/neck surgeries this year, one which included a spinal fusion in my neck. I now have a titanium plate and screws along with weakness and nerve damage in my arms especially the right side. Needless to say I have been unable to practice Dental Hygiene since this all began and am unsure if I will be able to again.
The doctors agreed that due to the positioning and type of work we do as hygienists, my discs ruptured and it was cumulative trauma from being an RDH that was the cause.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced anything like this? I'm trying to get any research or studies on this to help with my workers compensation case. My doctors have been fully supportive and feel my frustration.

I'd appreciate any support from fellow hygienists out there.... thank you!
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Just wondering if it is possible to avoid these problems.
I have neck pain sometimes. I do wear loupes and try to correct my posture when I realize it's off.
What do the doctors say about prevention?
I've only been working for 4 years.