Two Years With Dentures

In four weeks, I will celebrate two years as an edentulous individual and proud user of full dentures.

Let's go back some years to see this progression. As a child of the '50's, it was very common for people to have full dentures by the age of 40; I considered it a right of passage. So at 17, my dentist informed me and my parents the best choice was to have my teeth removed for full dentures before I left for college. But due to my dentist having a stroke, selling his practice, this was not to be.

The dental profession saw to their own gains then for many years, not allowing for my request to obtain dentures. Typical of the situation occurred in 1971. Due to a massive toothache, my then dentist removed three molars (#'s 13, 14 & 15). With nothing left to chew on my left side of my mouth, I thought it only natural that I should obtain an upper plate only to be told I was too young; wait till you're 30.

This continuation of denial of my wishes, which I believe was caused by excellent dental insurance, till 2009, when I had but 19 teeth left, but only one molar to chew with. Then dentist I had / have finally decided that an over denture would make sense. I begged for all of them to be removed but again a denial. I was fitted with an over denture after 12 front teeth were removed. But after 14 months my dentist realized his mistake so on May 3, 2010 at 7:50 AM he started to remove the final objects I had in my mouth. First was #5, quickly #'s 12 & 13 - nothing left in the upper jaw - then #'s 18, 20, 21 and finally 28. After 46 long years, my mouth was clean, no ugly teeth as my tongue swept about my gums, I was EDENTULOUS!!!

Coming up to this anniversary, I cannot be happier. Every day I say a thank you for my empty mouth and the dentures I place in it. I now have a great smile, never will worry again about tooth pain, can eat anything I ever did with "natural teeth" and can now say I am part of the environment I grew up in - I wear dentures.

I so wish this happened sooner but "it is what it is". I am just happy now, writing this narrative as my tongue moves around my very empty and pleasing mouth.
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66-70, M
Mar 26, 2012