You May Not Like My Reason For Being One...

I have been a Florida Gators fan my entire life. Most of my family has gone to The University of Florida and I'm sure many more will in the future. And I've always enjoyed watching football with my family. I was born in Florida but we moved to Alabama when I was 8. That didn't change anything. I'm still a big Gators fan and I take a lot of crap for it from Alabama fans but I don't care. I make fun of them too. lol

But since I'm such a big fan of the Gators I also became a big fan of Tim Tebow. And not just because of his awesome football skills but what he stands for. I'm a Christian and I respect him so much for all that he does. You may think he's putting on an act but I don't. This guy does so much to help others. He has gone to prisons to speak and Africa to help with surgeries. I highly doubt he would do all of that just so people will think he's a good person. I don't think he cares about that.

I was so sad when Tebow finished his last season of football with Florida. I was even at his last home game and even though it was extremely sad, I had such a great time.

And as you probably know, Tebow was drafted into the NFL and signed with the Denver Broncos. So I want to follow Tim Tebow to the NFL and become a Broncos fan. I know this may be wrong but I don't care. I love Tebow and I'm gonna support him no matter what. :)

ktgator1617 ktgator1617
18-21, F
Jun 4, 2010