25 Years

It wasn't always like this. We fit together very well.

It wasn't until he hit his 40's that he started to question his purpose in life. He started going to chuch to be a healthy in mind Christian man.

He has spent the past year doing all he can to "know" what Gods plan is for him and what his purpose is that he is so ingrossed into his "teachings", that his family has been pushed to the wayside. He likes to be alone and in a quiet place to read, so he can "hear" what he needs to hear. All the while, the kids are I are in other rooms trying to keep quiet for him. He missed my Son's birthday party for Bible Study.

I truly thought God wants us to put family first, (I know him first then family) it feels that his own needs are stronger than his family pull. I have always put the families well being before my own. Family is so important to me.

He doesn't touch me anymore, it has been over two months. Yet if I pull away emotionally to hide my pain,he gets upset at me.

I will continue to pray that he does inded become the Man/Husband God wants him to be. Then he will come back to us, heart, body and soul.
Solelyme Solelyme
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Im only 29 so i feel i dont have any good advice for you but im married to a man that wont even step foot in church. He wont open the bible. He goes out and drinks and stays out all night. I love him but we fight alot. So it feels to me that no matter what kind of guy they are they always have to have a selfish side to them .no matter there devoted Christian or not. Ipray always that my husband will be a devoted christian but hearing your story i feel like i need to start praying for my own insecurities and learn not to worry about his life so much. Let him make a mess of his life. But for us to continue to live for christ and to focus whats important. Our children .