Strange Recurring Dream

I am going to start this site by delving into one of my most recent issues. As the title above so wonderfully states I have a recurring dream I need to knwo what it means. The dream is like this...

I am in a building, tied to a bed with a strange man standing over me, late 30s early 40s, and he starts undoing his pants. I frantically look around and try to yell but I have a gag and can't talk. He starts to lift up my skirt and then I knee him HARD in the nuts. I work at the rope around my hands while he is on the floor in pain and somehow untie it. I then get up and run out of the room into a hallway. I realize I am in a hotel and try to take the elevator down but I hear the amn in the next room start to get up and run after me so I run down the stairs. I make it downstairs to the lobby and run out of the building to find out I have no idea where I am. I run around the corner of the building because I hear someone looking for his "daughter" and giving my description. I then quietly run around the building into an alley where I am confronted by a drug dealer who offers me "a taste of heaven." I continue runnign until I am grabbed by the man from earlier. He takes me back to the hotel and puts me in his car and we start to drive. I start to plan another escape when I see a heavily wooded area, open the door, and jump out of the moving car. I run into the woods and don't stop running until I reach a small diner. I go inside and am greeted by my family in real life and I think of them as my famoily in the dream but when I say hi to them they don't know who I am! The man runs into the diner and sees me. I go into the bathroom not thinking I would be trapped and hide in a stall. He slowly checks every stall until he scomes to mine he swings open the door and...

The Dream Ends... I WAKE UP!!!!!

What does it mean???

Henna Henna
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 31, 2007

a lot, there is a whole topic on it under 'dreams'

I have lots of dreams of being trapped or escaping from something/someone. It is my most common dream theme. It's not usually an individual I'm running from. It is usually a police state kinda thing where I'm stuck in a house or a building and am trying to get out without being discovered. I wonder how many people have dreams of being trapped/chased, etc.?

I don't quite know. It all depends on events that happened in your life or strong feelings. Maybe in your dream your family ignoring you is a sign that you are not being heard by them and the guy after you is a fear that you feel could happen to you or it could represent what you think of the world. You doing what ever you can to escape from that guy could be a sign that you are scared and alone and that you just want someone to be there for you. I don't really know, just a guess.