I just watched my very first hockey game tonight, ever. Detroit vs. Calgary. I was dying to watch a game and I finally got to! Yay yay technology! (streaming game on the interwebz!) I know we lost but MAN was it a good game. Tough fight until then end. I hear Calgary needed this win more than us. Of course Im biased and think the Red Wings should win every game, but I know that's not realistic. Hey at least we are in the playoffs no matter what!

 Who KNEW hockey was so dern exciting! I sincerely can't wait until the next game. I hear Sat & Sunday is games back to back. AWESOME. :D

How do I know all this for a first timer? My bf is a die hard, hard core Red Wings fan and has been talking hockey to me for months now. I think I can say I'm officially a fan now. Can't wait to go to a game!


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It just takes one game to hook you. <br />
<br />
love redwings!!!

Not this year, Avs will be dark come playoff time!

BOO!!! I love hockey but sorry AVS RULE!!!!!!

SS~ Are you kidding! Guys adore stuff like that; You gotta go for it. Hot girlfriend, pigtails, Fave team jersey, lots of imagination = major heartbeat! Rock his socks. Hey we still owe Detroit for when they beat us in '02 for the Cup. "Caniacs are comin'!

I can't help but to hope the Red Wings win the cup again this year. Or at least, if we lose, that we are together so that we can "console" each other. :D<br />
And omgosh, IDEAS! I wonder if he'd like pics of me for his b-day? Like say, in a Red Wings jersey and nothing else but pigtails and a smile! I've never done anything like that before though, I wonder if guys actually like things like that or we just think they do. After all, he'd probably look at it and think, I hope they win the Cup this year. :p

SS- Tell your BF he has to take you to a game and you will wear your pigtails...that should get him going..LOL

SS~ Hockey RULZ. Hey you've got two Carolina Hurricanes Fans Here. Me and Snowy are 'Caniacs. Seeing a game in person is so much different. The action is faster and you see so much more that the TV coverage doesn't pick up. Plus the fights are much better too! Go 'Canes '09 Stanley Cup Champions. <br />
<br />
Bring back the CUP; Bring back the CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina Hurricanes! He's mentioned them, but I dont remember what he said. I *think* he said they were his 2nd fav team with the Dallas Stars being the 3rd. Stars games are going to be soem more that I try to catch just cuz they are my home team, gotta support them too! :D If there ever comes a day when its Stars against Red Wings I wont know who to root for lol.

SS- I LOVE hockey!!! However, I am a Carolina Hurricanes fan :). Hockey is so exciting and fast paced. See a game in person and you will have even more appreciation for the game. I love the fights on the ice...they are awesome !