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I was raised Catholic, but have been a practicing "Dark" Pagan for just over 6 years now. I "found" Kali about 4 years ago, when I was going through hell in my marriage. I am a quite eclectic Pagan, a classic Chaos magician, even. But my vision of the goddess has always been strength and an unwavering sense of justice. Perhaps because that is/was how I wanted to be, what I wanted by my side while rebuilding my own life. I have never seen Kali as horrible or as a bringer of woe. One thing I have learned through being a Dark Pagan is that for there to be new life, there must be something sacrificed or something must die. It is the way of nature. The classic vision of Kali shows her with four arms, in one set she holds the head of the demon she killed and either the axe or sword she used. The other two.. one hand is in the gesture of dispelling her enemies, and the other is in the gesture of bringing bounties to her followers. I feel that, as in all things, your view all depends on which side you happen to be on. Om Kali Ma -Kalika
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I do not mean to be rude, however i do think you have the wrong idea of Kali Ma!

weird. I think Kali only works with Hindus. Why would sha have anything to do with an american pagan woman? That's like saying that the Virgin Mary would help the Buddhist. Makes no sense.

Implying the divine only work with those originally connected to them implies that the divine are limited themselves. Many, many people of different faiths have converted themselves to another religion based on what they believed to be divine intervention. Many have claimed to have been aided by the Virgin Mary and have picked up their lives under her name. Even Mother Teresa was not originally a follower of Christ. People's hearts open up to whatever and whomever calls to them. Whatever name or face that be under, is always different, leaving ethnicity and religious origin behind.