My Mom In Diapers

So when I was sixteen I accidently walked in on my mom. I saw that she had a thick diaper on and I could tell she wet it. She screamed when I walked in on her and she quickly tried to cover herself and once I realized what I saw I quickly closed the door to her room and pretended to not know what I saw as I went to my room. About ten minutes later, my mom knocked on my door and then came in telling me that we needed to talk. She cleared her throat as she began to say sorry for what I had seen but that it’s something that she’s done most of her life and that she didn’t want to hide it from me anymore. She then asked me if it would be okay with her walking around in her diapers without having to hide it. I told her that it would have to take getting use to but it would be alright, I guess.
The next morning as I walked to the kitchen to get breakfast, she was there in a thick diaper and a shirt as she ran around the kitchen getting breakfast ready. I was embarrassed to look at her but she didn’t seem to mind letting me see her in it, so as she talked to me about what I wanted for breakfast I would give her quick glances as I responded and then would look away.
Once breakfast was ready she gave me my plate and then sat down next to me as I could hear the diaper crinkle as she sat. She would then shift her body a little so it would make more noise and I got the impressions she was liking the sound. We ate our breakfast in silence then she brought up the subject of diapers. She asked if it was really okay that she wears them around the house, most specifically, if she could use them around me so she could be as free as she could with them or if she’d have to go to her room to do it in private. I hesitantly said she could do what she wanted and she gave me a nod and went back to eating her breakfast.
The next few days she didn’t bring up diapers but I saw her in them, they were dry as far as I could tell whenever I saw her and I was started to get use to seeing her in just a diaper and shirt. I was barely starting to notice as it was an everyday occurrence. I could tell she was happier that I knew and sense my dad left his wife and daughter she wasn’t happy at all, so it was nice to finally see that she was happy.
As she got more and more use to me seeing her in her diaper, she started to walk around while she was obviously wet. She wouldn’t pee her diaper in front of her daughter but she decided to walk around in them after she did. This took more time do get use to than just seeing her in diapers. To see my mom in a wet diaper and to smell the pee wasn’t something that a sixteen year old girl would get use to overnight, but I tried my best to cope with it as she did it time and time again.
I really was happy that my mom was happy again sense my dad left us and my mom was trying to spend more time with me, which was something I didn’t get much when dad was around. My mom did start wearing paints again, which had a diaper outline around her butt as the paints were tight around her waist. It was nice to see her in paints again but I think part of it was because she wanted a covering over her diaper as she decided to start peeing anywhere’s she felt like in the house with me there.
We decided to go to the movies one day to get some mother/daughter time and it was really fun. We went to a restaurant and went shopping as we had plenty of time before the movie started. When we got to the theater, I made sure to go to the bathroom before the show started as I didn’t want to have to go in the middle of the movie. My mom waited for me outside as she would just go in her diaper if she really needed to go.
After the movie we got into the car and my mom started to drive home. I could smell the pee in her diaper as she did go during the movie. Then it without warning, I could hear a noise coming from her that I could have guessed was her messing her diaper. I kept telling myself that it was just her stomach, but a few seconds after the noise stopped I could smell it... I put my hand over my nose and opened the window to get fresh air into the car; she then did the same as she started to apologize for the bad timing. She’d never made a mess in front of me, much less in the car, which was the worse place to do it as I couldn’t retreat into my room from the smell. I told her that it was okay but that it just smells really bad.
Once we got home she ran into her room and when she got out twenty minutes later in a diaper a shirt she didn’t smell anymore. She then said sorry again but I assured her that it’s alright as long as she was happy. I really was happy that my mother was so cheerful after telling me and if that means I’d have to smell dirty diapers as long as I lived with her that would be alright.
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Diapers aren't harmful. So, I don't see anything wrong with adults loving diapers.

You did the right thing.

i am a mom who likes to wear diapers (:

Awesome. Congrats for being you n proud to be you. Im a dl as well.

Great story. Thanx for sharing

my mom wet too as a kid and as a adult too 22 I am 33 and I still wet I am a mom to 3 kids

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Well, you're very understanding, and your mom's very obviously a diaper lover, and thankfully, now, you can both be open with each other about it. It's really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, and by standing by her side you've shown your maturity and compassion. We're all different in our own way, and this is probably something that developed in her, the same way it did in tens of thousands of us in the ABDL world. You should let her know you put a story up on EP and ask her to join, if she's not already into it. She'd certainly be right at home in the forums here, and we'd love to hear her side of how she became a diaper lover.

My aunt raised and and she too was in diapers. She was in them 24/7 and never hide the fact she was in them. It was never a problem with me, because I could tell she really enjoyed it and she eventually got me into wearing them with her. She is still not only my aunt, but friend. We totally understand each other.

Your a very loving young lady who loves her mom and love is the greatest feeling we as people can have and share with the one we love. As for me I wear cloth diapers and cloth training pants with plastic pants and I only wet them nothing else but with that said it's something we diaper lovers or AB/DL have had this kind of nature in our lives since we were kids at one time and it just never went away. It's in our DNA and this little secret of ours will always be part of us for as long as we live. And it's not a good idea for us to hide what makes us feel good it's just us. Thanks for your loving ways and always remember you won't have you mom for ever so continue to be good to her she loves you very much. kimmers

do you wear diapers too? or just your mom?

Did youre mother wear plastic pants over her diaper?as I like wearing plastic pants on their own filling them with my **** also I love going outside to my favorite bushy location wearing my clear plastic raincoat wover my sz5 pink plastic baby pants and be seen by women filling my pink plastic baby pants with my **** it FEEEEEELSSSSOOOOGOOOOD.

Nice of you to acept your moms diaper wearing. You should try it you might like it. I only wet my diapers and enjoy it

I am a mom that wets too I wear diapers 24 7 I grew up in a family of bed wetters my dad wet the bed too 18 mom wet too 22 so My twin sister and I never were yelled at for wetting

It's nice how tolarant you are of your mother. Wish I was that tolerant.

Hi Sarah
Thank you sooo much for this story. I have the same experience, but on the other side as yours.. i am a diaper lover like your mom and my wife has to cope with it. She is really supportive, though she tells me she's not into it... so your story helps me to get an understanding of her side ;-) ...
can you tell me more if you ever tried using diapers yourself, or not? How did you get used to it? Does your original feeling towards it (strange, resisting, "...sane people don't do that.. " etc etc) change over the time towards more accepting? I think you're brave! But also your mom is brave to accept herself as she is, liking to wear diapers: it's breaking a taboo around this issue, getting towards more acceptance of wearing a diaper for comfort or pleasure. Why not?
Like to hear from ya!

So many kids couldn't accept diapered parents and would walk away - mine I know would hate it. You are one special girl to be with your Mom throughout, to accept it and in effect share time with her. Good for you. :)

i wish that happened to my mom. Not the divorce part but the diaper wearing thing. that way i could finally tell her about my diaper fetish with out being embarrassed. But it would be hard to hide it from my sister and my dad. please read my story i shared and tell me if i should or should not tell her about my diaper fetish.

You are a very nice daughter to your Mother.

How to you live that tofay?

i know just how she feels. how sad it is to hide it, to be all alone, i wish some day we could all feel as free. your are a wonderfull touces my heart, tell your mother hi for me shes not alone, and thank you for being you. bigbabybilly

You are so understanding towards your mother well done. If she wears them all the time she must be incontinente by now but does that matter she is happy wearing a diaper.

Hello Sarah, this is probably one of the best stories ever. I would feel akward too if my mom wore diapers but I would accept it. I don't wear diapers but I want to sometime just to remember what they felt like as a baby having someone change me. It is great that you are a very understanding daughter. I would love to meet you and your mom.

I to walk around the house in just my diapers but I wear cloth pin on with rubber pants and nothing else and I wear a t-shirt that says I have to wear diapers or I'll pee and poop my pants.I don't change my own diapers I let my wife change me and diaper me all the time and and I help my wife wash and hang my diapers on the clothes line along with rubber pants.I'm totally incontinent bowel and bladder and I'm numb from my waist down I can't feel my feet or legs because my nerves are shot.

-Sarah, I loved reading about your new found experience with diapers in association with your mother and how you enjoy wearing and using diapers now. That is awesome. If your boyfriend ever leaves you I want to be the first in line to pick up where he left off, because you are awesome. Take care and keep writing about your diaper experiences. Thanks!


Cool story, your good daughter to your Mom.

your story made me smile and that is hard to so these days so i sent you a smile back im not real close to my mom and so after reading this just knowing that someone out there is close enought to there mother and open enought to accept and even join in and injoy it as well that to me is something realy wonderful

A lot off comments I see....It's indeed a verry nice story, different then a lot others.. I'm glad your mother and yourself are happy the way it is.. We are too, at home. One thing: i'M glad my two son's doesn't know our fun with each other... They now live on their one...<br />
keep on having fun!!!

I would be too creeped out to see my own mother in diapers. I wear diapers myself but it feel to freaky to see her in them. Even I don't feel comfortable walking around in a diaper in front of my parents unless I have something on over them. <br />
<br />
But I find it hot when moms wear diapers but not my own. No she doesn't wear them, she finds the whole thing gross and doesn't understand it but accepts the fact I like it and wear them. But yet she is a nurse and has had three kids so she has had to change diapers at work and us three kids when we were little. But yet she seems fine with pads and pull ups and probably wouldn't care if I wore an incontinent pad and dribbled in it or did it in pull ups too but diapers, she doesn't like and will try and get me to quit occasionally. I don't really get it so I should ask her next time when it's brought up. <br />
<br />
I do wish you post more stories here.


if your mom needs a man. HMU lol good fer yall.

let me know if your mom needs a daddy to change her and aby her.

Hey, I love your story so much. Can you message me? I feel like I can relate to you and I want someone to talk to about this kind of thing.

Hi Sarah,<br />
I really enjoyed your story. <br />
It's not every day you hear about a parent asking their child permission to wear and use diapers in the open. That must have been awkward at first. <br />
<br />
I'd love to hear about your transition from seeing your mom in diapers, to you trying a diaper, to deciding to use them around the house. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing. looking forward to more.

Wow, good story. Now here's the funny thing. I'm a man and have just done the same thing with my kids. I divorced as well. My son is ok with my nappies and my youngest is getting used to it as well. I feel so freer now. I haven't got to the stage of being able to poo around them yet though. And I don't wear nappies just for fun these days. There are times its a need. But not full time need. Most is because I like wearing and using them. I hope you will except my friend request.

Very warm and touching story Sarah.<br />
<br />
I've just started wearing diapers part time and am finding stories like yours very touching, and enlightening. I am wearing them partly because I need to, and mostly for the fun of it. <br />
<br />
How about telling us what made you decide to try them, and how you have adapted to wearing them.

I am very excited by your comments and I wonder if ************ in your wet diaper, I love it. Write ...

It sounds like you are a very understanding person. It is a DL dream to have someone understand them and not judge them for wearing diapers. It does take some getting use to when you find out someone wears diapers, but if you understand that is what makes them happy, it makes you happy. Good for you letting your boyfriend know you like to wear diapers right away. Hiding it makes things difficult. I agree with your boyfriend, they are fun to change on someone and a lot of fun in the bedroom!

Yes, in the bedroom is beautiful and exciting to be in wet diapers, feel their aroma and wetness and let them exchange by your boyfriend.. And then have sex together...

i love this story as you see i wear nappies and am happy to wear my nappy, so i no how your mum and you feel.

I'm glad you guys like it!:) I love my mom very much and its because of her that I enjoy diapers too! I was hesitant at first because I didn't know how my boyfriend would react but he's cool with it and says I look beautiful in diapers.:) He's such a sweet guy and I'm glad I have him in my life.<br />
<br />
So the story took place just over two years now and my mom is still very happy. She doesn't have a boyfriend or anything but she's happy just having her daughter at home to spend time with when I'm not at work. She still wears diapers around the house and I do too, though I don't mess my diaper around her like she does around me. Wetting is the most I do around her. I've messed maybe twice around her and my boyfriend Chris. She pretended to not notice and it was just a turn on for Chris. I try to be very modest. I don't even burp in front of people; so making messes around them is kinda embarrassing. I think its dirty even though I know everyone has to go number two everyday, it's something that I just do in private. I'll probably get to the point where I go around the house with them there, but I'm taking my sweet time getting to that point.<br />
<br />
Oh, I should mention that my mom is very happy that I decided to wear diapers too, tho we don't change each other because that would be wired I do let Chris change me a few times here and there when things get steamy in the bedroom lol because he thinks its hot, but usually I'll just change myself. <br />
<br />
I have other experiences if anyone wants me to write about them and if anyone has any questions I'll try to answer them the best I can.

I loved your story. It's nice to see that your mom is now happy again. Amazing how something as simple as a diaper can change a person, huh? Although in your case, it wasn't just the diaper. I think the thing that made your mom most happy was being able to indulge in diapers around you. That is what she really enjoyed, not the diapers. By the way, it has always been a dream of mine to find a woman that likes to wear a diaper for pleasure. I find that very rare to find such a person. Anyway, that you again for sharing your story.

I'm Glad you liked it!:)

Sarah, you have a very nice style of writing and yes, we would be very interested in hearing more about your experiences. Please don't hesitate at all!

Sarah, I was surprised and excited about your stories and I envy you your experience with your mother. I just hope that wearing diapers is also sexually exciting and that you (and perhaps also your mother).also ********** in them If you can write more about it, do it. I also love wet diaper, and I wear them whenever I read your stories ......And add me if possible, please..

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It must have been quite a shock to learn this unusual aspect of your mother's personality. So, now we know what catalyst got you interested in diaper fun - have you ever asked her how her interest developed? It would be very interesting to know! <br />
<br />
And a big Welcome to you. Thanks so much for being here and for posting this story!

Are you interested in wearing them?

Great story, please add me beautiful