Am I A Diaper Lover? & Fetish Discussion.

I have an experience to share but first I want to discuss what does the term diaper lover mean? I am hesitant to call myself one without understanding a couple things. I also touch base on these types of fetishes in general.

So I will explain a little about myself and what I enjoy. You can help me determine if I should even call myself a diaper lover or not.

What I like to do:
My name is Sarah and I am 25 years old. I have never been diapered or had any bladder/bowel problems in my life, except as a baby of course. I have never really had a wetting accident. But I have fetishes for various things some of my fetish interests are wetting my pants and or bed, peeing in odd places at home and in public and even further things closer to that of watersports. This all started and developed since the age of 10 or so. It started simple but change over time.

I also got into pooping my pants, bed and in odd places and over the years I have gone further and further until I hit the point were I kind of have done everything at least to a degree.

I have never told anyone in person and I have been extremely secretive about everything I do even in public & at home. I have had a long off and on relationship with my boyfriend and I have had other boyfriends as well. But no one in real knows my fetish, at least not to my knowledge. I am to scared to share this with anyone and I think that is rightfully so. I want to at least do pee related stuff with my boyfriend but I don't really care if I ever share that side of myself with anyone in person.

Why I like to do it AND How did I end up with these fetishes?:
When I first started I think it was more about relieving stress! But over a couple years it became more sexual. For instance when I first started to touch myself before I knew about ******* or even had any... around the age of 11 I would rub myself a little down there it just felt good. I only did it for short periods of time and I did not understand what I was doing. I did it when I was stressed and some of that stress was from newly developing sexual interests in boys and such that I did not understand fully either. I just all of a sudden had hormones making me horny at that age. And other things in life stress us out as well. Sex and ************ is also a form of stress release and when we reach our teen years the lust for sex becomes a part of our stress. And ************ and getting off helps with that. And someone with a fetish usually gets off easier doing things related to that fetish etc. After all that's the very definition of a fetish.

I don't fully understand how I got into wetting and those types of things. I have discussed it before with people. I have heard a lot of possible reasons why someone would start wetting on purpose and having an interest in this area. I will go over them.

The possible reasons I have heard about.
1. Control: There is a common belief that it has to do with control. Often developed in people who have not had many things they could control in life. So someone who just needs something in there life that they can control and do it there way for a change. Being able to wet yourself because you want to can give a person the feeling like they are in control of something. (I don't really know the direct 100% description but it's something like that.)

To me it's not about control... sure maybe that could have some background influence on it but in general it does not tick in my mind when I think about it.

2. Had Wetting Problems as a kid etc: I don't fully understand the implications of this? Besides that one could miss what it felt like to have accidents or to pee the bed or his/her pants. If they liked it in the first place that is. Or learned to like it. So it could be like revising there childhood or just wanting to feel the warmth of urine spreading in there pants or bed again and they like it.

Personally I have had people tell me that this is why they likely do it. In fact a lot of people have personally told me it's likely cause they used to wet and they just liked it and it turned into a deliberate thing and stopped having accidents. And they liked it or learned to like it etc. So this is very likely a strong reason for a lot of people. But I still think it's only half the reason on most occasions. There is a difference between enjoying some aspects of wetting as a kid and actually re-introducing it as an adult or teen on purpose. Even if it's no longer accidental at all. I myself have never had wetting problems I can't even remember what it was like to wet as a kid and it really only happened like 1 or 2 times that I remember. Once I was out of diapers that was about it. And I do not remember diapers that's for sure.

3. Other reasons: I have heard of other reasons related to how were raised, brain chemistry, mental problems, all sorts of stuff. Well I have heard that wetting ones pants and stuff can be something a diaper lover or adult baby may do before getting there hands on real diapers. (I know I am missing some important things that I have heard but the rest kind of lumps into one cluster **** of guesses and opinions. Often involving how one is raised even if they were raised normally. Very small things can have large impacts in life. And I can understand that.)

I guess for sure one way or the other I fit into this category... because this category includes everything else... was it how I was raised? Well I don't personally see myself being raised any differently from a lot of other people I know. I cannot think of anything at all related to pee or wetting... But somewhere in my childhood something likely happened. I know around grade 1 I did see someone wet there pants, or more so the after math. And I was at least a little interested but not so much in trying it myself I don't think. But here is the thing if it interested me than and right away it means that before that event something else happened or who knows what. I was already secretly interesting in that subject by that point. Kids all have potty humor on there minds though so who knows were or how I picked up the urge or what not to develop my fetishes.

My Diaper Experience so far: While I have never had a strong desire to be in diapers or use them at any point in my life that I remember. It has been at least an interest. Something to experience in life related to my other fetishes. In the last two years of my life I have thought about it a little more reading things on EP. And talking with people on here. But I have always had a fear about buying them. 

I only very recently got over this fear to a degree. It took effort but I went and picked up some diapers, well Depends protective underwear Friday I think? But I am picking up fitted briefs (Adult Diapers from what I understand!) Tomorrow hopefully. I did research and they seem good. They should support a full bladder wetting and soiling to a degree in the very least.

The Depends not so much! But I have went though 5 Depends now even used them in public. I have yet to share most of my Depends experiences I am behind on that. I am sharing one at the end of this experience though. So what do I think of diapers? Well I have not actually had a real diaper on. But I have used my Depends as if they were a real diaper. And I liked it a lot... I will like a diaper even more most likely. So I can say that yes I enjoy diapers!

Do I love diapers? Well probably... so am I diaper lover? Well I'm not sure... lol
If the term Diaper lover means that I sometimes want to use one for fun. But don't really want to make it a regular basis thing. Than consider me a diaper lover most likely. Or else maybe I'm just a kinky girl and found something new to have fun with for a while.

I'm NOT an Adult Baby I know that much for sure. I don't like accidents! I don't want anyone to change or baby me! I don't like anything related to babies... I don't miss being a baby...  I kind of miss being a kid though. lol

But as a kid the last thing I wanted was diapers or even wetting until I was starting to mature etc.

I have seen and heard enough about Adult Babies to know that while I don't hate them! And I know there are even different degrees or types of Adult Babies I don't personally find ANY attraction in any of the things I have seen or heard. In fact some of the basic and not so basic aspects turn me off. I am sure I have Adult Baby friends here on EP. And just because someone is an Adult Baby does not mean they can't enjoy other fetishes that I like or show interest in. And I would never not talk to someone for being an Adult Baby. And even if they don't like other fetishes that we share in common there are other things to talk about and be friends. In fact fetishes and sex is not the biggest subject I talk about here in private with my friends. So I don't have a problem with them I just don't share the same interest. And there are things I consider to actually be bad in terms of fetishes. Adult Babies is not bad to me just a turn off.

If your curious some of the main things that disturb me about being an Adult Baby other than the fact they want to be a baby... that itself confuses me but I have messed up fetishes myself so I cannot judge. In fact I bet some people think I'm more strange. Some Adult Babies don't even like to wet there diaper. Some will wet but won't soil. But I will wet and soil my pants, even in some public areas and I will go further than that.

But the things that disturb me and this does not go for all Adult Babies I don't think but a lot for sure.

This might sound like I don't fully know what I am talking about. And that's because I don't but I have a decent idea. Again this is not about all Adult Babies I don't think.

1. They have some interest or affection for there mommy or daddy! I'm not saying it's sexual but sometimes it is. But it's one of those often unknown not fully explained things were they have an abnormal relationship and understanding of the parent son/daughter relationship. It's more than that I have hard time putting it into words and I don't full know. I can't pretend to know. But it's like something they missed in life or really liked. It's often more than just miss being a baby... or wanting to be babied but that does play a huge part in it.  And again I am sure there are Adult Babies that not only disagree but know they are not in it for some of the reasons I just listed. And they are probably right... I imagine a lot of Adult Babies agree with some of the things I said and are cool with it. 

2. There is also a huge aspect of humiliation. A lot of real or fiction stories include being forced to wear diapers or use them. Often as punishment for secretly using or buying diapers! This often transitions into a different faze all together. But humiliation plays a large role in it. About 30% of all Adult Baby Stories have that in it from what I have seen. I never look for Adult Baby stories but I come across them when looking for other Diaper Love stories. In fact I almost exclusively come across them. Well that's not completely true but most of the longer in depth stories are adult baby stories and I'm not just talking about EP stories. Most Diaper Lover stories should not include being changed or using a bottle... being spanked, mommy, daddy etc.. etc... I have found some good stories out there more along the lines of what I would do with diapers or what I would do in a relationship. Just use them for kinky fun sometimes.

People have many opinions on why people like myself may want to wet or soil etc. I bet if I walked up to and asked 10 random people off the street, about what they would think of an adult who secretly liked to wet or soil there pants. A lot of the adults would think they wanted to be an adult baby if they even understood what that is. Because lets face it Adult Babies are kind of popular in media these days. Been featured on some of those weird shows. It's not a secret in society that some people like diapers! And that they want to be babies. One reason I did not want to buy diapers because it's known to be a fetish. And commonly an Adult Baby fetish. So some people would assume by default that I was into the whole Adult Baby thing just based on the fact I like to pee my own pants on purpose. Diaper or not!  So if they can be wrong about me... I can be wrong about what it truly is to be an Adult Baby. Well the general public I think would view Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers and people who like to just pee there pants all the same.

But like I said I know enough about the subject.

The REASON I asked this whole question: I don't know everything about being an Adult Baby besides the fact I am not one. I am also very confused about what it is to be a Diaper Lover? I think it has a more broad range to it. But am I a diaper lover or could I become one? I will NEVER wear diapers or use diapers on any common basic. And most of the time I will use one it will be for like an hour. And I will always enjoy normal pants and bed wetting and stuff more.

ALSO! When I browse Diaper Lover sites or sites that have a Diaper Lover section often a lot of the material is exactly the same as Adult Baby sites. In this very group I have read Adult Baby stories. So on EP and other websites I have seen Adult Baby things most commonly in any discussion group about diapers anywhere. I know EP is a site anyone can post any type of story to and subject. But still... that does tell me that Adult Babies are also Diaper Lovers or at least can be. And Diaper Lovers is an unknown term to even people with fetishes and pee/poop related fetishes. And maybe even to some diaper loves or adult babies. 

I bet you a million dollars that if you asked 100 random strangers what a diaper lover was. The grand majority would describe what we know as an Adult Baby. And most people who knew the more correct answer would be working in that field like a sexual therapist or something. Or someone into these types of fetishes themselves.

I went and read what the Wiki article said about Diaper Lovers. And I am still not sure if I am a diaper lover. lol It does mention the different types of diaper fetishes and there focus. But I need peoples opinions. It's not a big deal just something I really want to clarify.

Here is the link if your interested. I don't think I have posted links to outside of EP before. So I don't know if it even works. You can browse to the website yourself and not click on the link. Overall it's not important to go to the wiki. I think it supports what most people are going to explain to me what a Diaper Lover is. And I am probably a Diaper Lover just not a Diaper Lover enthusiast. But I don't know hence the reason for all of this.

It's the Wiki link for Diaper fetishism

Messing my Protective Underwear (Depends)
So much happened I forget if this took place the same day I got my Depends or not. I think it did but it could have been the next day. After I did a lot of testing with wetting my Depends standing, sitting, laying down. Turning in bed... even walking a around upstairs a little later on. I was developing an understand of what they could or could not do. Physically like how much they could hold, how much they leaked... why and how they would leak. How noticeable they were under clothing I tested that out. Dry and Wet.

Did they make a lot of sound? I experimented with a pair doing a lot of things. I wore it under my black cargos and wet it standing, sitting but not laying down in my cargos since I would not be laying down in public. They leaked a lot, but if you used them properly or learned what not to do. They also held a lot. I did not fully understand by this point in time when I was doing these tests. But I have had public experiences that I will share some day soon.

I originally estimated that I could release 1/4th of my bladder into the Depends without to much concern but was a limit and some leaking was likely. Sitting increased leaking a lot! Standing was the best.  I learned how to wet them sitting properly. I was peeing to fast and by to fast I mean slowly. So I needed to pee very slowly. And I needed to make sure I was sitting up properly. And that the Depends were positioned well.

I only really used one Depend in my second set of tests! And I probably released nearly half my bladder into it before it was at the point of leaking a lot. So if your curious I will share what it is like to wear a wet Depends. 

Well wetting them is lovely because you feel the urine pool around your crotch, sometimes bum and sometimes it even runs along your skin depending on your position. If I lay on my back and pee slowly which I kind of had to do it dribbled almost endlessly along my ***** and down between my ***. And then it felt warm down at the bottom before leaking all over the place forcing me to stop. With my depends wetting on the back is kind of taboo. Wetting laying on my sides are REALLY taboo. And wetting well sitting without being careful or knowing how to position yourself or the depend and pee slowly will result in some leaking. 

Standing is kind of fine! And depending on your position certain areas get soaked and start to sag down! Which is really fun actually and it feels different. At times I guess it would suck. I assumed it would suck out in public but it's not so bad. At home I loved it. If you wet it enough just it sagging between your legs and it squeezing between your legs as you walk is enough to loosen some of the urine stored inside the gels or whatever. So it feels wet but little or none of it leaks out. And it stores heat for a fairly long time. And I will hand it to the inventors of that gel stuff! Umm... it can hold it's own! 

The Depends does not leak because the gel sucks... it leaks because the overall design is kind of lacking even more so for what I want to do! But like I said if I stand up when using a Depend even during the second testing after I posted the first story up. I found out that my 1/4th bladder estimation was off. It could take over half if I wet while sitting properly and standing, a combination of both works better to soak more areas of the gel. And even if it leaks a little it does not it will leak the next time you pee. And if you wear it under your shorts and black cargos or something to that extend. The shorts absorb most of small leaks. And some of larger leaks. And I have fully wet my black cargos without to many signs that I have wet myself. So even when I stood in my bedroom and peed the Depends until it leaked on purpose to see what it would feel like and look like. So I could identify possible problems in public situations. I found out that even if moderate leaks my Cargos only got a little damp and I could not really feel or see the wetness from the outside of my pants. When I took down my pants my shorts were wet in areas that it leaked from and it was easily noticeable.

As for smell I am personally kind of used to the smell of my own pee and pee in general. Not so much stale pee. But I did not smell bad in my own opinion after giving them a leaky urination test. So if they did not smell when they leaked. If I could reduce the leaking a little or totally I would be fine there. I also noticed that even when very full and saggy they were not easily noticeable in my pants. And sound wise I could almost not hear them. At least to my knowledge so far they don't get that sound of moving liquids or squeezing liquids that you would assume they would. I have heard it a little but in general they are quiet. Not that pants are that loud or make a liquids moving sound when you walk. But pants don't carry a ton of ****. So I guess I never fully understood how a diaper works or how good it can work.  Or even not so good I assumed they worked a lot better even for what I got. But I did not understand what I got at first.

I know a real adult diaper and or brief I think they are the same thing will work much better! In fact at this point in time I know they work better, I did my research. But I got a high level product for what it is.

So after I finished the tests, I decided to also finish off my bladder completely. I did this standing over the carpet in my bedroom, I could have stood over the plastic mat but I knew it would leak quite a bit so I'm bad I wanted it to go into the carpet. So I peed and let it leak a fair bit even after already leaking a fair bit during the tests. I was done peeing in seconds. 

And I was still dripping a little when I decided that I could do one last test and this test does not involve pee and I think the results would be similar with a dry Depends or a very saggy over used Depends that I had on. So yes I needed to defecate and all I did was spread my legs a little and try and go. I did not have to go that badly but what I did have in me came out right away! It slide into the Depends and it was quite messy. Not runny but it was not a firm solid.

And I imagine there was some moister and wetness all though the Depends so that could not have helped. Right away I knew that while the Depends would help with type of accident it was mainly meant for urine. Because only a small portion of the Depends is poop resistant. So I touched around on the back of the Depends and got a **** smear on my finger rather quickly and I could see my BM from the outside a little. Sure it was sagging down a little so it did land in an area a little higher up. So the poop was not only in the area were the absorbent gel was. Not that the gel really absorbs poop it can to a point but it blocks it. So the poop that was over the gel area could not seep though. But the other stuff could. And were talking a small window safety here. If I was asleep and it happened it would be a mess by morning. Not as bad as freely having an accident in bed though.

So at home it's worth soiling them as long as I am not replying on them to fully contain it. It's still fun and I could not prevent myself from smearing it around a little like people suggested and like how I was going to anyhow. But since it was so little not much happened. It did not feel that intense when I sat down on the toilet lid wearing the Depends. But I fingered myself in the Depends and peed a little onto my fingers and eventually had a rather amazing ******.

After that I needed to shower obviously! And I really LOVE tearing the diaper off... with depends or at least the depends I got they don't adjust they are slide ons. But they still rip off like diapers if you want them to. They have tear away spots and it's fun. I almost feel like ripping off my panties every time I change out of them from now on. Why stop there lets cut off my cargos with a knife or giant pair of scissors.

So before the shower I ripped off my soiled Depends and actually took them into the shower with me. I wanted to see if they could be washed! Not to be re-used or anything like that. But even living on my own I need to know these things. If someone popped in unexpected or who knows what I wanted to know if I was trapped in the bathroom with soiled or perhaps even wet depends could I wash them to reduce the smell. I think if they were peed washing them would make it worse. But if they are soiled I found out that yes you can wash them and get a lot of the **** off or out of them. And it made them smell less. I also found out the 100% maximum size they can reach when wet. Because they got showed and absorbed 100% of there max. They got large! But I got it fairly close to max size in most areas already.

That's it for tonight most likely. I still have 1-2 experiences to share involving them.

This is going to be a hassle to edit. I always check my posts after and tidy a couple things up. Might be a day before I get around to that. I'm tired.
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Very well written. I completely understand the pleasures and not being or wanting to be an adult baby. I have no idea of the reasons, but something are very sensual and that is enough. Hunting for reasons sounds like trying to explain them away. I think it is much better to enjoy them. Although I would rather share them and think it would be awesome if you could find someone to share them with.

I just realized I accidentally joined this group or it put me in it automatically when I shared my experience. I was going to ask this question and than decide. I deiced to not join because I like diapers but I am not a Diaper Lover. However I left the group just now when i realized I was in it somehow.

Just sharing this if anyone was wondering why I was in it when I said I was a DL. Or wondering why I left if they noticed on my recent activity that I left.

I consider myself a DL but not an AB. I do not do age regresssion, suck a dummy, mess with food, play with large toys or sleep in a large crib - all traits of a true AB. AB's want a mommy or daddy to change them and to be breast fed.

I wear diapers because I enjoy the naughtiness of wetting myself in stange places, sort of a defiance against society norms. It is sexual for me and the wet warmth of a diaper feels kind of like having my **** inside a ***** and this makes ************ easy. Even the *********** is caught and absoirbed by the diaper so can be disposed of easily. I wear diapers because they make wetting possible for me as my diapering is a secret from my family and I have no way of ******* my cloths, furniture or bed. I would love to wet my bed and pants but have no way to clean up the mess without being found out.

In my years since I was able to explore this fettish (only about 5 years now) I have tried many different types of diapers and enjoy buying new ones I come accross. I even buy diaper pads that can be worn inside special elastic pants or underwear, By far the easiest are taped diapers with a 3 or 4 drop (out of 5) rating such as Tena Slip. They can be put on standing up or lying down and then just ripped off when done without having to undress - useful in a public toilet.

Enjoy your exploration and feel free to call yourself a Diaper Lover if you so wish and we look forward to hearing more.

Helpful and informative...

I looked into a lot of products almost like I was doing a highschool project and needed like 95% to pass the course. Which in real life I have been in that siuation. And failed the course horribly because if you need a 95% on the final project to pass the course in the first place. You likely won't even come close to getting the 95%. And I would not have.

But back to the subject at hand no I am not a DL. I could call myself one but won't unless I really change my opinions and ideals in the future. Which I won't.

There is nothing wrong with being a DL or AB. In fact you consider yourself a DL but yet you use diapers for a lot of the reasons I would. You sound kind of similar to me. Of course the whole diaper being a girls thing and stuff that is were we are different. But I found that part funny. To me it makes more sense than warm apply pie!... ewww! I could not eat apple pie for a while after watching that movie.

But if I could not wet my bed or pants at home at all. I to would reply a lot more on diapers. But even I lived at home I did not rely on a diapers but by this point in life if I was still living at home or had my own family being a mother etc. I guess I would be very limited in what I could do and get away with.

But as a lot of people know I did extreme things when I did live with my parents. And I never got caught. But it was not easy being me.

The drop rating is ******* retarded! Every brand seems to kind of use there own scale. AND it's very hard to find out what does 4 or 5 drops even mean. And some brands have like 10 drops max. When others have only up to 5. And than you have the brands that have more than one product with maxed out drops. But one is clearly better than the other.

I forget the brand now it might be depends but they had a maxed product. And than they had a maxed one that said good for overnight use. I looked up the more detailed specs on some website likely there or a reseller something with a data list and compared all the Depends products to each other. If it was depends that is. and yes two products that looks closely the same and had a very simular name both had maxed drops but one was listed as overnight as well on the side of the bag or in small writing. And it did absorb 2-4 more Oz of liquid depending on size than the other maxed product of the same company.

But though research I have figured out that the amount of Oz that a product can absorb is not the end all spec to go off of. The quality and other features and even the purpose for the product are more important. For example a fitted brief with less Oz absorption will usually have less leaks, overall hold more and probably be better for overnight use and will likely be better for soiling.

I was very interested to read your feelings about diapers . I think my fetish is very much like yours, and I enjoy playing with diapers from time to time. But, as I think about it, its really for the naughty factor. I enjoy peeing in places where you aren't supposed to! The same with wetting my clothes. Its the most fun when I am wetting where someone might see me, or peeing on something I shouldn't. I've never understood why this is, and its been great to find that there are others who like it too! Since we all keep it pretty quiet, its easy to think no one else is into this strange passtime.

Anyway, I agree with the naughty lover conclusion. I think plastic pants and diapers are just another way to play the "naughty game" which is a lot of fun. For me at least.

Waiting for your next story!

The next story is coming soon! The next, next stories are not far off.

Yes I am a Naughty Lover but no I'm not coining that term! I don't want to have to exsplain it to everyone. I'm not a DL but I think DL's are kind of neat. I won't lie... Adult Babies are interesting but I have issues with that fetish. But DL's are kind of fun to read I like some of the experiences because it's interesting to come out of the closet about it etc.

And since I know DL's are different from me I like to see just how different. But if I were to read DL stories for sexual reasons hoping to ********** to them I would be very sadly disappointed. Even the parts that turn me on are not really my thing.

But one interesting thing I learned is that in one story on in group a woman mentioned how she woke up put on her nappy and than went into the washroom to put on her diaper? I was like WTH? I thought nappys were diapers? So I looked into it and I still don't understand. The wiki said nappys were diapers so did the dictionary? So it is possible to wear one nappy over or under a diaper? I don't know... I guess nappy is a different kind of a diaper but I never researched long enough to understand.

Is that a thing? Even if this is a different subject forget about what I just said can I or is it even suggest or possible to wear my pullup depends underwear under a real diaper? Whatever I am so new to this and no I am not trying to learn to much because I am not a DL. I don't need to. But I am curious for the sake of curiosity.

For example I could say that I really want to know how bad a deadly snake bite feels with all the venom etc. But I don't really want to get bitten to find out.

That was a very well written piece. I too consider myself a diaper lover, mostly a plastic pants lover. I struggle with even sharing the diaper part with my wife, although I wear plastic,pants for sex quite often. I would live to have her in diapers and to get us both to sleep in them and wet them.

I had a dream this morning that I somehow had or found a pair of plastic pants! And no I'm never going to try and get some. lol I have no idea were those are sold. During my whole quest for diapers i never once saw any.

But I had a dream about it. I did not use them or even put them on. I was even a little confused about how or were I found them. And in my dream I was not living alone so I was very worried about keeping them secret. Once I was safe and alone I was probably going to use them but the dream was not sexual it was just like O... here are plastic pants.... were should I hide them.

The glory of plastic pants is just putting them on with some KY... You can wear them under street clothes and go anywhere like that and, well.... you get it. Maybe you subconscious brain was leading you on.

Maybe, I think they would be fun. But I won't ever have any I don't have that much of an interest to get them. Even diapers are slowly wearing off on me.

Based on everything you described here and what you have described before about your feelings toward diapers and your desires and intentions with them, I would not describe you as a diaper lover. Your fetish is exactly the same as mine, for the most part. I think the only real difference between us in regards to diapers, is your interest in wetting/soiling them in public. I also do have that interest, though I've never actually done it, and I've been wearing diapers on and off for over 10 years... But that's because my only real interest with a public setting, would have to involve a female friend or girlfriend who would join me in the activity. In fact, that is one of my fantasies, is to find a woman who's willing to go out in public with me specifically to wet and soil our diapers together, then head home after a couple hours and play around in our messes together. Other than that, I have virtually no desire to do anything of the sort, alone. I think the main reason, I don't consider "our" type of fetishist to be labelled a diaper lover specifically, is due to the nature of our intense need for the fulfillment that urine and feces brings us on a massive sexual level. Diapers in my case, is distinctively a means of carrying out the fulfillment of certain desired aspects of it. In other words, I would not ever be wearing a diaper in the first place, unless I was planning on wetting and/or soiling it within minutes of putting it on. I don't care about creams, powders, pacifiers, onesies, bottles, or what colors or designs are on the effin' diapers lol!!...just so long as they can hold copious amounts of pee and poop!! :D The diaper is just one of numerous tools I have adopted over the years to enhance the primary existing fetishes, of feces and urine. I think of the diaper along the same lines, and serving a similar purpose, as I would an inflatable swimming pool, a pair of clear plastic pants, or my mattress, for that matter. There are many lovely ways of expanding on our fetishes in general. So diaper enthusiast, maybe. Diaper lover, probably not. :)

I look forward to what else you have to say. Sleep well...You deserve it! :)

Just a quick reply here to what you just mentioned... I can definitely say diapers do turn me on as is, but only because of what I'm thinking I can do in them, lol...or what the girl wearing them, can or will do in them. Girls do look really cute in diapers a lot of times, but I don't think of it as baby cute, it's more of a sexual cute...As in, I'm turned on type cute...But those thoughts and feelings are still primarily related to what she will do in the diapers. If I am only going to get to watch her crawl around on baby blankets, wearing frills, with her diaper showing underneath...I'm going to leave a very frustrated individual. Even if she spreads her legs and changes the diaper...other than seeing her open vagina, staring right at me, the rest of it won't really do much for me...If there are yellow urine stains and/or a nice firm load in there when she opens the diaper, that will do more for me, but if that's all she does it discard the contents and put on a fresh diaper...I'll be sadly disappointed. In fact, just the very act of cleaning up the mess is and instant turn off. :/ Now we both know, if she were to start playing around in the mess...smearing, fingering, humping and grinding into it, then we would have my kind of scenario to work with :D

I was to tired an made a couple mistakes it was a little hard to understand and I could not edit my messages. Since they were replies. I will reply to your whole message later on. lol

I think we have some things in common. I originally said a couple things about how I don't find diapers sexy and how DL seem to find a comfort in diapers and think there cute more so in terms of like a cute flower VS a cute boy/girl. And there is some truth to that.

I found experiences were DL want to or are ok with being there Diaper in none sexual or directly sexual siuations. Like at home around friends of the same sex. Even outside or directly romantic siuation. But you know those siuations also come into play. Were I think people closer to me want to keep it a secret. And mainly in it for direct sexual simulation were if I am going to be putting a diaper on... wetting & or soiling it is guaranteed to happen fairly quickly... and ************ and other sexual acts will follow.

I don't feel conferable in diapers on a an emotional or physical level. And I don't think that it's really that important to me that I don't. As for them being cute and sex on others or myself. That's more up to personal opinion if someone else things they are cute or sexy on me than they are. I guess I can see the sex appeal in them on others. But I have to admit one thing now I personally am not interested in seeing like my boyfriend in a diaper for any reason. I would sooner watch him wet or soil his pants in bed during a sexual act. So to me diapers are more of a ME thing. And probably just a private me thing I don't think I could wear and use one in any sort of relationship. Maybe if I got used to them further. But I could wet or soil or do other things not involving a diaper.

And I hate how diapers look on me. But I like peeing and pooping them. I like the experience behind them. I like using them in public and at home. And I can look at myself wearing them. I enjoy seeing the diaper and how it react to my wetting and soiling etc. But I look silly and don't like the diaper for the fact that it's a diaper. It does not really make me feel sexy or cute. It makes me feel naughty and it allows me to have some great FUN! So yes I like diapers, love them to a point but I am not a DL lover.

For me, once they're soiled, I am more likely to stay in them longer. Like I mentioned before, there have been a few times, that I stayed in the mess for nearly 24 hours. If it were just pee, I'd be done with it in probably 3 hours tops... Only about 10% of the time, if I'm going to put on a diaper will I only pee in it. My thoughts are, if I'm going to use these expensive diapers, I'm going to go all out with it, soil it and make a huge mess, encompassing at least 2-3 hours of fun. I've also been known to remove and save them, mess included, re-soil them the next day and have more fun. They smell really bad when you do this, so be prepared, if you plan to try it :D It's probably the nastiest thing I've done, aside from maybe licking or sucking on turds, but I still occasionally like both. :)

If for some reason I put the diaper on and for whatever reason was unable to pee or poop in them, I'd be bored with it in 15-20 minutes and rip it off lol! I probably wouldn't even ********** in it, if that were the case. I hate the way I look in adult diapers too! I want to say guys look weird in diapers in general...but who am I to judge! I don't even like the way guys look in any situation, so how could I justify saying guys don't look sexy or cute in them lol! As for pull-ups and good-nites, I actually think I look ok in them. Not that it looks sexy or cute to me, but they fit nicely and I enjoy the way they feel and look...It's hard to explain lol. I can definitely relate to what you mean by liking to see the way the diapers react to being peed or soiled in and how it makes you feel naughty to even be wearing or using them. That's really hot BTW! ;)

You might change your feelings on how you look in diapers once you get some that fit you properly and relate more to your age group and your purpose for even wearing/using them in the first place. Pull-ups are not exactly my age group, but they make a lot more sense to me than elderly/disabled, adult diapers. There's absolutely nothing sexy about that, IMHO!

I think for most straight females who enjoy using diapers...for them to also enjoy seeing their boyfriends in diapers is weird. It's a sign of submission for more people, I believe... While there are some straight females who do enjoy dominating their male partners; it's more rare, and usually they prefer to degrade them in the diapers, not watching them or joining them in pee and scat...Once again, another instance where the main focus shifts to fetishes not directly related to our core reasons for these posts/stories...Pee and poop fetishes! I think it's really rare to find a woman who likes to see or join in with a man in diapers, and play in their messes together. The other side of the coin of course, are the submissive straight females who wear and use diapers, and they want daddies to discipline them. This is obviously a fetish and mentality not related to a specific urine and feces fetish which just so happens to incorporate diaper use, as we're writing of now.

Generally it seems like most straight women would rather be seen in a diaper by their boyfriend, versus the alternative...see their boyfriend in them.

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Very long post.... No wonder you're tired.

If you ask me, you're not necessarily a true "diaper lover" in the sense that you definately seem to enjoy the wetting aspects (of pants, panties, etc) more than any actual diaper wearing, even though you're having some fun with diapers, too. Wetting pants and panties just seems to have a different type of association to it, more about being caught actually wetting in places where it's socially unacceptable, or just being in wet and/or messy pants. That's a bit different than wearing and wetting a diaper because you love the comfort & convenience of a diaper, and/or get turned on by the wearing of one or by the freedom it affords (being able to pee in public without others knowing, etc.). That doesn't mean, as a wetter, that you can't experiment with diapers and have some fun with it. I'm just not sure it makes you a confirmed diaper lover. A diaper liker, maybe...

I've always suggested to wetters whose stories I've read that they can certainly extend their wetting enjoyment to the outdoors & public places by utilizing a diaper, but I wasn't intending to get them to think they'd become diaper lovers, per se. Perhaps a better term for you might be a "diaper and/or wetting afficianado"... That is, someone that primarily enjoys the wetting and/or messing of pants or panties, but can extend it to diapers on occasion.

As others have said, you really don't have to label yourself one way or another, but sometimes I think our actions do place us in certain subsets of a group. I don't think it's bad to understand what your limits are and aren't, and even to explore all the facets of whatever turns you on or off. It's part of being human. If you feel compelled to identify with one particular group, though, or a set of groups, then I don't see why you can't label yourself as you understand yourself, if that makes sense. It's not great when other people label you, but if you know deep down what & who you are, you can be part of whatever group you feel affinity for, without necessarily being a life-member, if you know what I mean.

As for me, I'm definately a DL through and through. I'm not a pants wetter at all. I find them uncomfortable when wet. I'm also not a bedwetter at all. I like the bed dry, but the diapers wet. I've also repeatedly tried the AB stuff, but it's like a shirt that just doesn't fit me right - it's uncomfortable and it doesn't matter what I do or change, it still just doesn't fit. So, I'm ok with all of that. I'll accept that I'm forever just a diaper lover that every so often still dabbles in AB stuff just for ***** n giggles. If I find some facet of it that does strike my fancy, I have no problem hanging onto that, still knowing that deep down I'm DL way more than I'll ever be AB.

Sorry if that's all confusing. It's late and I'm having a hard time getting to sleep, so I'm kind of groggy. I hope it helps, though...

I am still up... should go to bed now though. No that was not confusing it probably made more sense than my whole post. Well the part of it wondering if I was a Diaper Lover or not and trying to break it down. But your answer is basically half the point of my post.

I asked a question and shared a story those were the two points to my post. You answered the question and you answered it well enough that I agree 100%. Not even 99.9%. I could probably call myself a DL if I wanted to. OR not call myself one even if I started to use them all the time or just as much as my other stuff. But that won't happen for many reasons.

I understand some of the lust and like for diapers. And I like how you enjoy them etc.

And I like that people have suggested me to try and get them... OVER and OVER and OVER again until I figured might as well! lol But no seriously I never feel pressured and pure pressure or whatever you call it won't let me overcome fear. I overcame my fear because of hormones and boredom I think. I still fear buying them.

Also I don't like my bed wet either! I like wetting the bed but after I'm done I want it dry! I can't sleep in a wet bed. And it's not something I wish I could do. I tried it because I was interested to see what it would be like but screw that.

I only mentioned that fact because it's interesting you don't like wetting anything besides a diaper from the sounds of it bed included. And I will gladly wet myself or **** all over in my unprotected bed. But we both hate wet beds! lol So in theory I'm not a bed wetting at least not in the way most people with a wetting or diaper fetish would think until I told them what I mean.

In fact I probably can't even stay in diapers for that long, or that often. And I can't sleep in them dry or wet probably. So that itself shows the vast differences between me and a lot or most DL and Adult Babies! And even other people with similar fetishes etc.

Pure pressure... I am tired... Peer Pressure*

DL or whatever , it is just another label and I don't really like them the magnificent thing about human beings is that there are no two of us the same while we might find interest in stories labelled ABDL everyone is turned on by different aspects, what turns some on will turn others off. The only truth I know is that we are all human beings and can be turned on by an infinite variation of kink 8)

You know what I really agree. I guess your right with the amount of differences complexity and degrees of our fetishes is anyone really one thing in general? I don't think they can be. Were all a mix match of different things so it's hard to use terms sometimes.

Terms do help to describe things though it makes it a little easier. The REALLY FUNNY thing is I don't know what terms if any I could use to describe some of my other fetishes and I never really thought about it. Why does DL and AB get terms though? lol Is it because they have a strong community. Because they do I went to a couple AB sites on purpose in the past couple days to read about diaper brands and stuff and I was really surprised at how much some people know. Some people AB or just DL have used like 50 brands of diapers.

And of course I understand turn on and turn offs I have a lot of followers or friends that only like pee related stuff so they find soiling or at least scat to be a big turn off.

I like referring to myself as Kinky. I think that's a term all of us can go by.

in depth and interesting, love to chat some time.... I'm a diaper lover please add me :)

Were already friends it appears. lol

Remember while I talk about Adult Babies it's not the main reason I posted this. I am just wondering if I am a Diaper Lover and giving a clear example of what I dislike and like about common Diaper Fetish related things. And I could probably find more people willing to bash me in public VS an Adult Baby. I wet hotel beds and pee on public bathroom floors sometimes. Ummm I am amazed I don't have people say things about that. On other fetish websites or other discussion forum I would probably take some heat from that. lol But I have my morals and I know what I do is wrong. But heck that's why I like it. It's fun to be naughty! If anything I am a NAUGHTY LOVER! Watch there already be a well established NAUGHTY LOVER fetish and it's nothing like what I expect. It's just a bunch of people that get off on hearing the word naughty said in very sexual ways!