I Can't Accept

A couple of days (!) ago I realized that something was different about me. I couldn't let go of the thought of wetting sanitary towels. If I do that, I get so exited because it's that secretly. And because I need to stop peeing every second it gives my belly a weird feeling and I'm addicted to it. Now that I've seen the problem, I can't help myself that I wet it like 3 or 4 times a day. But rationally I can't accept this. I can accept it from anyone and everyone else but just not from myself, I can't. Maybe I would like your opinions on this issue or fellow-sufferers to tell me that they want to stop doing it too. To be clear: I'm not judging anyone who does it. I really don't. I only think that for me it's too difficult to admit.
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

i understand your feelings and you may have to keep it secret for years. I have, and only get to use a diaper once or twice a year when I travel alone. You can get through life without anyone ever knowing, or you may find someone who loves you as you are and that would be a great thing. We're here to help.

Society is what's wrong. Making you feel bad for doing things that don't hurt anybody. It's a hard thing to live with.

Although, for some people, the "wrongness" of the thing is a turn-on by itself.

I find this to be a combination of rebelliousness (you can't tell me where to pee) and regressiveness (ooh, I made pee-pees in my pants). Plus, it's just such good, naughty fun. Just relax...go with the flow. It's certainly not something that everyone does, but there are lots of us that enjoy getting a little (or a lot) wet. Life is too short to deny yourself such a simple, pleasurable pleasure.