This Is Embarrassing

Buying adult diapers from a place that doesn't sell them for fetish purposes scares me. Maybe it gets easier..... I've done it three times before today, and not so long ago bought plastic pants (the Salk Sani-Pant) from a medical supply place. I've written about how scared I was doing that in a story in another experience group.

Today I went to that same place and bought Prevail adult diapers, said to be for "heavy incontinence". I got there less than ten minutes before closing so there was no question of hesitating. I stood there comparing several products, taking them off the shelf, for a couple of minutes. Then took one to the counter and bought it. If it had been a fetish-oriented place, I might have chatted with the young woman behind the counter for a bit. That's what I was afraid to do the one time I did buy plastic pants at a fetish store. But I just kept things businesslike. And so did she. Only in that fetish store did I confess that my interest was in fetish use and not incontinence. I wonder if I'll ever tell a stranger that again.
footedsleeper footedsleeper
46-50, M
Jan 11, 2013