True Happiness

I am  a true diaper lover,ever since my early teens. I found that they are very much comfort for me. I think there is nothing wrong with wearing diapers as long as you are happy. It does not have any thing to do with if you like to wet or mess your diaper.  the main thing is to be happy in diapers and try to find acceptance in them . Who cares what other people think. AS long as you are happy wearing them ,that is all that matters.

lildundas12 lildundas12
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7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

thanks you for the advice that what one of things.
that worries me about being a diaper lover.
I comfort in my diaper not use the potty.
just my diaper is that ok.
for me to do.

I agree with you.

i agree entirely with you. i have been wearing them for comfort since i was around 13

I am sitting here writing this while diapered. I wish that I could be diapered 24/7. I also were lingerie and dresses while diapered.

I have worn nothhing but diapers for the last three weeks and recently purchased a pasifier and will be getrting a bottle I am a adult baby & I feel good about it.

I wish more people would see it your way , I agree with you it is very comfy.

i completely agree with you!