Are Drynites Better Than Luvs Diapers?

i like wearing diapers in bed but when i pee in my luvs it leaks out the back of it onto my bed. would a drynite stop this or no?
nickDL nickDL 16-17 7 Responses Apr 19, 2013

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Same with me

happy one year membership today. Add me please

Pampers babydry don't leak as much

I find that all pull-ups suffer this problem, they just don't fit high enough on the waist. Try Boots the Chemists' Stay-dry slips or equivalent, that should solve the problem. Stay wet and happy !!! X

Use plastic pants over them or a bigger nappy
you might find that better. Take care xx

Try it to find out

It all depends on how much you wet... if you wet enough all diapers will leak