Is That A Problem?

Don't give me some story about Neverland and him touching little boys because I don't wanna hear (or read, whatever) it. Whether he did it or not it doesn't change the fact that I'm in love with his music. I grew up listening to his stuff. I sat there with my parents watching the premiere of the Black or White video back in '91...not that I remember it but they told me I was jumping up and down between them excited..and I didn't even know what was really going on. This man is a pretty big deal. I had the damn Thriller dance memorized before high school. Yes, I am that obsessed!

For Halloween 2009 my friends and I dressed up as MJ. I did Thriller--complete with the makeup and red jacket and pants--my friend did the Smooth Criminal theme with the fedora and all and my other bestie did Bad...she even got the boots with the buckles! We three tied for the best costume at the party. It was awesome. Yes, we are Michael Jackson fanatics. The day he died I received dozens of texts at once with people saying "You were the first person I thought of."

My husband doesn't understand my love for his music. Yes, he has a lot of his songs on his ipod but I listen to the king of pop's stuff daily. I just cannot explain it. No, I didn't burst into tears when he died. In fact I didn't even cry at all and never saw his funeral (I was at work, damn it) but I was deeply saddened by the news. I just sat there in shock. This man was a legend and I dare you to say otherwise because if he wasn't then explain all the tributes worldwide. Why people in Australia stayed awake all night waiting to watch his funeral. He was amazing. Can't believe it's been 2 years since you left us, Michael. Miss you, you weird mofo.
lucifette lucifette
22-25, F
Jul 31, 2011