I was in the kitchen when they announced that M.J. had died and I heardit/saw it on the tv that was on in the living room and it upset Me so bad that I threw up on the kitchen floor,I tried to make it to the kitchen sink,the side the garbage disposer was on or the kitchen trash can that sits by the end of the counter top that the sink is in but couldn't
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I remember crying for weeks on. I couldn't even listen to his music or see a video without crying.

:( so sad

I threw up too... I remember I was at a friend's house when I found out. She had gotten a text message but I just figured it was another prank or something so I brushed it off with a laugh. Then about an hour later my brother called me to ask how I was doing, which was very out of character for both of us and that was when I knew it was real. The second I got home I started crying hysterically and I couldn't breathe. My mom told me I needed to calm down or else I would make myself sick, sure enough I ended up throwing up in an empty shoe box on the floor and cried myself to sleep.