Music As A Form Of Racism

I just came across this story or should I say a mere statement which goes like , ‘I feel sorry for Britney Spears’ and I thought so do I given the amount of trouble she had managed to get herself into. And then this dude goes on further to state that he despises her for she belongs to the lowest form of music and that got me thinking , ‘are we to rank genres too?”. And sadly this is true. In today’s day and age what you pursue in your free time is not simply a hobby, but a yardstick to judge you, to rank you and which determines your popularity. For instance I have seen it a lot many times around me, that you are thought of as ‘cooler’ if you like rock and rock and roller and know all the big names and who is who, or pretty classy if you are into jazz, but pretty amateur if you are into pop!! Ouch!! I know that it is very difficult to keep aside loaded opinions from things like music and genres which seem to have an inspired the masses, but then again how does liking one form of art make you less cooler than the other? Isn’t art or its subtype music, a totally subjective experience? What may be liked by someone might not be by the other person. And I believe in the philosophy of to each its own. Never do I use music as a yardstick to judge and discriminate between people. Personally I am into rock and if someone isn’t, I still hear him out and try what he/ she likes rather than chalking them out of my list as uncool people who don’t know a ‘thing’ about music.
Which gets me to another issue which troubles me. Its fine to wear and advertise your interest, like many of us do by endorsing our favorite bands in the form of collage printed t-shirts. But if I don’t happen to know about a particular artist as much as you do, then why the shock and the horror? ‘ you don’t know this song?? Omg! What are you? From the stone age??” well my answer is , ‘ no dude I am not, and had the song been that popular and famous, it would have found its way to even the most ignorant souls like me.’
Sadly it seems that music is no more a personal and private thing, its like an accessory which you go to flaunt, the more you know about a particular genre, say for instance rock, then the richer you are, for rock is equated to gold I guess ( figuratively speaking), jazz is platinum and probably pop is copper, cheap and for amateurs. Earlier I thought that the only form of discrimination that was prevalent all over the globe was based on caste, class, color and money..but our new generation seems to be coming up with all kind of new classes I guess..the latest being the music class…so where do you belong in the music class?
Nishitaa Nishitaa
26-30, F
Apr 22, 2012