A Moment Of Silence

A Moment of Silence to the king of pop. The man of endless talents, the man of endless love.

He came to fulfill a purpose, not only to spread joy through music and art, but also to redeem our wounded Earth and bring it back to health.

To spread everlasting peace to those who suffer and those who cry.

A Moment of Silence to the one who taught me that there can never be too much love, but only too much hate.

The one who taught me to be who I am, even if some people don't like it.

The one whose creative mind influenced hundreds of other artists to shadow his brilliance. He will be an act impossible to follow.

A Moment of Silence to a man of perfection. A man of stamina. A man of charsima. A man of humbleness.

A man who didn't just push limits, but set new boundaries and new standards.

He announced his final curtain call, but his demise reached before he had the chance to fulfill his promise.

The curtain closed just a little too soon.

But let us take this moment to be grateful of his existance. To be grateful of the boundaries he set, the love he spread, and the art he left behind.

A Moment of Silence to Michael Joseph Jackson, a ghost of perfect rhythm, a legend who will never be forgotten.
Dangerous1993 Dangerous1993
18-21, M
Oct 22, 2012