Before I Was Born...

I developed a strong love for the music of Michael Jackson.  Although my mom grew up with the Jackson5, she was never really as big of a fan as i am, cause i became one of his millions of fanatics.  One day, she told me about how when she was pregnant with me, she played alot of his Off the Wall album, you know record.  Anyhoo, she said that when she would play anything that had his voice on it, i would move and "kick" inside her belly.  She tells these stories of when i was growing up i would learn the words to his songs, even the words that people couldnt understand.  When i was younger i would sit for hours just listening to him if someone would play a record or a tape of his. 

Surely, i like other musical artist out there like Queen, Al Green, Jackie Wilson, Mahalia Jackson, Don Omar, etc, none of them have been able to capture in me what Michael has. 

One day, i lucked up and found this song of his sung in Spanish called, Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu.  I started learning a whole different language because of Michael from that day on.  He inspires me to go that extra step.  I look at him and see all that he has accomplished, and copy it.  Michael always puts out the best.  No one can compare to that, he's in a class of his own.

To me, Michael is the embodiment of music, young and old. 

Simply a genius.

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1 Response Jan 17, 2009

yes why did he have to die?