I Just Want to Say, 'Thank You, Michael Jackson'

Thank you for so many of the things you have done to make this world a better place.  Thank you for being different and for being your own man.  Thank you for not giving up when it may have seemed like everything was against you.  Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.  Thank you for making me want to live when i wanted to die.  Thank you for being that father figure i never had.  Thank you for being who you are, loving and kind.  Thank you for making for uniting so many people when no one else dared to or could.  Thank you for picking up where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. left off, because of his untimely death.  Thank you for breaking all of those records and making the world look at black people a little more differently.  Thank you for making me feel loved when i thought no one cared.  Thank you for US for Africa and helping those starving people.  Thank you for giving so much of yourself to the world.  Thank you for giving when it may have seemed like you had nothing left.  Thank you for just being there and giving me a voice when i didn't have one for myself.  Thank you for teaching me how to be a friend.  Thank you for making me strive to be better than i am.  Thank you for the joy and elation you bring to my heart when i watch you dance and sing.  Thank you for being my role model.  Thank you for being my first dream, crush, and everything else you are to me.  Thank you for everything, i wish i knew some other words to say, cause 'Thank You' just doesn't seem enough for you.  You live still in my heart.  Thank you for being there when God need you to teach us how to love each other, how to care, how to give a damn.  Thank You, is just not enough for you.  The world is so different without you here.  Billions of us love you Michael, i hope you know and feel the love we have for you.  I swear to you Mike, if i ever change my mind and bring a child in this world, your name is their name.  He or she would love you just as much as i do.  Til i die, i will love and defend your name and your honor, i don't care who im up against.  You won't be just a memory, YOU ARE A FORCE!  I love you, Michael Jackson.

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4 Responses Jul 15, 2009

Michael Jackson was the mother figure I never had.

Great post. I have nothing to add. Thank you Micheal your music keeps us near.

The world is a lesser place without Michael Jackson, his music, his videos, his HUGE contribution to every good thing. Damn, why do the really good people have to leave us so soon?

wow what a powerful force he is now in the spiritual world.