Living Legend - My Tribute

Michael Jackson is and will be the most influential person the world will ever see. Through his music, humanity, and pure genius; he has touched so many lives the world over.

I am so very happy that God allowed me to live on the Earth while Michael Jackson was here. The impact he has left on my life and in others who are true DIEHARD FANATICS just like me - i cant explain in words the love i feel for him.

Lord knows ive cried and cried and cried. Im still in shock. I guess Michael's work on Earth was finished. I take great solace and comfort in knowing that Michael is now finally free of this world and how cruel it has been to him in recent years. I hope and pray that his children and family can press on through his untimely and tragic loss.

It pains me in reading some of the things that some people wrote on here about him. I want it to be known that there are billions more fanatics and fans like me out there who love and adore Michael. Y'all haters just remember, the world stood still and honored the life of a Living Legend.

To all of the other Fanatics and Fans, my prayers are with you all. I know the pain you all must be feeling.

God Bless...


If there are any true fanatics out there, feel free to drop me a line...


....originally written, June 27, 2009

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1 Response Jul 22, 2009

Good for you!<br />
I too am a die hard MJ fan, and theres no one in the world that make me change my mind about him.<br />
Michael Jackson is one of the most nicest people I ever got to enjoy.<br />
I'm just glad I did when I had the chance.<br />