I Don't Care What Anyone Says, I'm Still Gonna Love You, Michael Jackson

The press has been relentless with attacks on not only Michael, but his family as well.  I'm so tired, so sick of it.  There are folk out here still grieving a tremendous loss in our lives and in the world as  a whole. 

Now they are calling him a drug addict.  You know what, I really don't care what no damned autopsy says.  God took Michael and that's the end of it.  I have always thought of Michael to be an angel in human form.  God needed Michael.  God is working on something so big, so grand; it was Mike's time to help Him.  The event seemed to happen so quickly in my eyes, it was like God reached down and picked up Michael (his actual spirit), like in the Bible, when Enoch walked with God.  Enoch was needed, too.

The media can really kiss my black ***!

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2 Responses Jul 31, 2009

replying to butterflycomb:
**** kanye west the idiot, MJ IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING OF POP!!!!
LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally agree with butterfly comb, apart from the fact that i had no respect for kanye in the first place

i so agree with you....its been a month and i am still in disbelief, this is so unreal. I read on the internet this morning that Kanye West says he wants to take Michael's throne as the King of Pop, what a JOKE. I no longer have any respect for Kanye for saying that. Michael will always be the King of Pop no one can take his place absolutely not.