It Breaks My Heart..,

to see how a lot of people are making money off of Michael after the Event.  Family, folks he thought were friends, the media, and probably folk he didn't like. 

Papa Joe should really, really be ashamed of himself.  It's not like the world doesn't know how horrible of a dad he was, and now to profit off of Michael for a couple of bucks. 

It wasn't like TV One or BET were showing videos all that much before the Event.  Now you can barely get pass all commercials of them featuring an MJ special.  LOL.  You would think that they would have shown damn near non-stop Mike before the event seeing as how if it were not for MJ none of the music channels would be in business. 

The other Jackson siblings are just as worse.  Why a reality show at all, and even now more so after MJ is gone.  We didn't want to see them all that much when MJ was here, why on Earth do they think we would want to see them now.  Seems like the only folk in his family with decency at all are MJ's mom and sisters Rebbie, LaToya, and Janet. 


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4 Responses Sep 22, 2009

I don't think he influenced my life in the same way he did yours but I think I understand. He was just such a big icon and I feel so bad for the way things turned out for him..... :( all the lies destroyed him, and though he tried he just wasn't the same after the accusations.

I was so upset when I heard he had died - so sad :( <br />
I was out drinking and some drunken person shouted out in the middle of town that he'd died - I didn't believe it - thought he was just being an idiot and was pretty annoyed for making up such awful "lies" <br />
<br />
Then the next pub I went to people were saying it - I made them turn of the music and put on the news, I cried. :(

Yeah... thats bad parrenting.... I realy miss MJ. i loved his music... i was the best

Yeah its wired... R.I.P the king of POP.. we all love you