What Makes Michael Jackson Sexy To Me

What Makes Michael Jackson sexy to me is the entire package.

Mike comes with this swag that just lingers on.  Maybe it's the sparkly sock, but whatever
it is, it keeps me watching.  It's like he walks on air.  He just glides across any space with
that swag. 

The way he looks in a suit. 

MJ wears the hell out of a suit. It's like the suits he chooses to wear know every thing about his body and holds to his shape well. 

Then it's his eyes.  Mike has the prettiest eyes i have ever seen.  No one has eyes like Michael.  Deep and penetrating.  Like wow. 

His voice is just so different also.

When he sings, his voice just reaches in and touches something (in me).  When he talks, his voice is masculine, yet soft.  His voice caresses my ear drums. 

The sensuality he displays in some of his videos and when he performs is something else also. 

Divinity in Motion...


Give in to me


It's like he hides this part of him, and then it escapes and wow. 

Doesn't hurt that he is packing something dangerous "down south" either.  I have this Jet magazine with a picture in it of him performing, but the still shot shows that he got something to work with down there.  Damn, might be a V, but Mike definitely woulda got it if he wanted it. 

Probably woulda ruined me for the next man, but hey.  How could i say no to Mike anyways.  If i was in a marriage or relationship, Mike still woulda got it. 

No is not an option for him. 

The Fedora.  Michael and those Fedoras were something else.



I don't care what hairstyle he had, they all look good on him. 

I love the pics i have of him with his hair blowing in the wind.  To me, that's when he was the sexiest. 

Coupled with his eyes, his hair always looked good. 

Don't get me started on his hands and feet. 

His hands were just so big and his feet, which gets you to wondering if that myth about black men is true.  On Mike, i think it is. 

And the crotch grabbing. 

Damn!  Out of this world.  Men don't do that, but when Mike does it, you know he feeling the moment.  For a few moments, the music got to him *Knee Deep*.  I love the sensuality he displays while he dances. 

The "Hee-Hees", "*Shamones", and the "Aaah Woos".

Damn! Damn! Damn!  Just too damned sexy.  The boy is bad - The boy is dangerous. 

And the playful side of Mike.  *smile*

Then of course, his intellect. 

Michael knew so much.  He saw so much.  Michael is a visionary,  I don't think the world has seen that level of genius since the days of Imhotep. 

Glad im female, cause if i were a man, i would dig Mike and that would make me gay.  lol. 

Mike is just too sexy. 

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9 Responses Jan 30, 2010

Yes there's that sensual something about Michael that turned me on.....he is an amazing man....and the best gentleman.

Thank you for this post, I loved the pictures, and you made me realise just how LUCKY I am to be a woman - if I were a boy I couldn't gaze lovingly at pictures of MJ almost daily... Well, I guess I could, in my own time, without anyone knowing. And potentially turn homosexual. But thank fudge I am a woman. This guy does things to women that I will never know... As well as everything you listed there is just SOMETHING about him which makes him special. I don't understand why the entire male population didn't slowly begin 'turning' from 'Off The Wall' onwards... They probably did, in their minds :)

i agree with you.

yes, you are so rite.he is hot and sexy. and i also like to think he's packing.

michael jackson was special in every way that counts everything about him just makes him unique he was born with gifts that continue to shine no matter what anyone says he kept his head up to all the worlds problems and all you have to do is look him in the eyes and know what kind of person he was i call him an angel of music because thats who he was to me an angel.

AGREED 10000000%

hey he is my man ok girl back off

Great story and great pictures. He was a hottie for sure!

I agree with it all too!! I have ALWAYS thought he was a sexy beast!! Especially since he was so humble about it all most of the time. I would have had 100 babies for him. R.I.P. sweet Michael.