I guess everybody has another side of them that they let certain people see and I am one of those people that hide a side of myself that I don't want certain of my friends and family to know about. When I am with friends and family I appear to be sweet and innocent and a nice guy but when I am by myself my corrupted self comes out. Its pretty natural to be tainted by the world by now and with so many things that have happened in my life I know how and why I have become so corrupted. I'm not going to talk about what things I do in my corrupted state but if you want to hear then you can message me.
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I think in a way everyone is

Yeah that's true. I just feel bad because of how deceptive I am about hiding that side of me. I mean I know you wouldn't want to share that with someone but just the fact of hiding it from them makes me feel bad.

I can understand you I also hide some things from my friends or family

I'm glad you know what I mean. :)

Maybe with time you will be able to share that side of you

Yeah, maybe I will. :)


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