My Experience In The Astral Plane

I don't know if any of this has happened to other people so thats why I'm posting it here I've astral traveled a few times but just recently I have found my own way to do it but I'm not going to go into detail because this is about what has happened during my astral travel.

When I astral travel I mostly wake up in some other place I'm not sure where I go but its nowhere near this plane because its like moving around like you would in your normal body but things are different I've seen things that people can never think of mostly I just walk around other times I fight dark monsters that I call the dark kind because their born from pure dark energy. At first I would find some sort of weapon or I would run from them but the last few time I would kill them. For some weird reason the astral plane has hidden weapons made from tech that this world has not even began to try yet the weapon I was using at first was duel guns. But when me and half a dozen of people were fighting a huge dark kind that I call a gaia me and the others were doing very small amount of damage to it so I decided to look around and I saw a buster sword atleast thats what it look like sticking out of the ground so I picked it up and I noticed that there was a switch or a button of some kind on the hilt of the sword so I pushed it and parts of the blade stuck out and began spining like a saw thats when I relized that it was a saw sword and I used it two kill the gaia after that was when I woke up in my body again.

Then the time after that I went on a hunting spree killing as much dark kind as I could find I still had the saw sword with me after awhile of using both my duel guns and the saw sword I decided two head twords the nearest town around that part of the astral plane so there I was tuning my weapons when some people asked me if I could control the saw sword I ansered yes and thats when alot of people started gathering around I have no idea why so I wen't on hunting and something happened and I woke up.

Now this one is my personal favorite for some weird reason I was on a train I have no idea why. It felt like minutes but it might have been longer then that the area looked like my home town but there's hardly any trains and not at the time it was so the train must have been part of the astral plane but anyways when the train stoped I got off and something told me to walk down the road where I was raised a long time ago and at the end of the road the was a door just floating there instead of wondering why it was there I opened the door and walked through it and on the other side  the area looked like some kind of sea cave light was coming through a hole in the of the cave there was four other people there besides me I remember seeing two girls one guy they seemed to be waiting for something so I stuck around then the fourth person apeared from behind a large rock it was a guy who was older then me and he started saying something but I don't remember what he was saying because I was trying to figure out what he was holding it seemed to be a large and very old looking cloth after he was done talking he unfolded the cloth and there was five crystal spheres the colors were red, pink, green, yellow and black he gave the two girls the pink and yellow spheres he gave the guy the red sphere and he gave me the black sphere after that he said something else and then the spheres begain to glow the collors that they were but my black sphere was glowing a silver light and I was staring at the sphere and I noticed that there was something inside it at first it looked like a object but then it started to move inside the sphere and it started to look more like some kind of creature and before I could make out what it was I woke up back inside my body.
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Days before I astral traveled conciously I went on youtube and searched 'does earth have a sound?' I was in this deep curiosity of if it were true that our planet makes noises..that project out of the atmosphere in space. Days later I astral projected from my first and only lucid dream. I remember when I was in space..I felt as if I were in fight or flight mode..except my body was being pumped with adrenaline that was actually pure cosmic energy. I felt love, I was connected with all the stars and galaxies...I was..connected with the universe..I never met my guardian but the love and connectivity let me know my guardian was indeed with me. I thought about seeing and hearing a planet. Manifestation before my eyes. This planet, brown, cloudy, and hostile enviornment (lava, mountainous terrain) rumbled away as it revolved on its axis. My excitement of hearing it grew too much, I fell back to a dream about the AVP Queen alien chasing me and some people through a field. I

Never had that happen to me probably because I hardly astral travel onto earth. As a location actually I prefer to be anywhere in existence but this world. And probably because I hate this world with a iron fist.

@Shawna: Yes it's real and dreams don't leave scratch marks on your skin exactly where claws had slashed you. As for any real proof there's tons but none are in a physical sense. As for why were here no one knows not even beings in astral. As are their any astral beings in this world yes there are few have physical bodies those that do are either incarnated here because they chose too. Or they were sent here to do a job like I was. Even fewer regain their memories how ever those odds seem to be increasing as the great war comes closer to happening who knows you might be one that has yet to awaken. As for what they want well if your talking about dark kind their hungry and humans are their favorite prey. But if your talking about other beings well depends on them some are here to fight a war others just want to leave the spirit realm and others come here to find stuff of value. As for getting their try looking it up online personally I never had any luck with most methods but a lot of humans have had success with those I use my own method to get there.

whats urs?

I was sent here to destroy something as for what I have no idea.

im not being rude....but is this real?are u sure u were'nt dreaming?is there any real proof?like why are we here does the devil or god exist?what do they want from us?if this is real why are their not 'astral'people on this plane?and how do u get there?i am truly instrested!

It is very much real. There ARE astral people in this plane. They have a few ways of presenting themselves, such as finding a harbor or body, if you will, and using it to navigate our world, or simply being here without one. Most people cannot see them, unless they have an astral connection themselves. As for going there, if you can't do it naturally it can be quite the challenge to learn.
Personally I prefer there to here...


I would prefer if people like you wouldn't respond and there is a reason why it's titled that. Can you say that you've stared into the darkness and seen it's true nature if you haven't I'd advise not to judge.

The proof you seek doesnt exist it's something you have to experience for yourself the concept of astral projection has been a actual study for a very long time you can look up any method you'd like doesn't mean it will work for you though you have to find one that works for you. Also astral beings are on this plane you just dont know how to tell the difference between those who are human and those who are not. Also to answer your question about god and the devil. You can say they exist just not in the same way human cultures believe the closest thing to a devil I've seen is corruption and the closest thing to a god would be existence itself. As for where we're here in my own opinion people here exist to exist no more no less what defines your purpose in life is up to you and your choices. And the closest thing to a actual paradise is your point of origin the place you first came to be before being born in the physical plane. If your soul is human you would end up on earth but on the non-physical side. 99.9% of all hauntings are caused by the spirits of humans who died in the physical plane when they realized they ended up back on earth but as a spirit they go insane and last out in hatred and confusion. Everyone is welcome to their own opinions on the subject this is just how I perceive things.

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Well I'm currently writing a book called the darkside chronicles its more of a journal though so I'm not sure of publishing it.

i belive in you. every human has got that talent to be in astral world.but be cautious. sometimes this may get wavered and u stand at greater chance to lose ur imbalance than others.

thanks but I don't have enough of them to write a book

you should start writing a book or something about all your astral experiences. i'd buy it.